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Southern residents have fun little names for cockroaches, such as Palmetto bugs. Others refer to them as “water bugs”. You can try to disguise them with a different name, but a cockroach is still a cockroach. Here in Pittsburgh, cockroaches can pose dangers to your home during the summer months. There are several factors that increase the presence of cockroaches during these warmer months. While homeowners can try DIY treatments, they are often ineffective and can make the problem worse. Calling for professional cockroach extermination from Witt Pest Management is your best bet.                


Factors that Cause Cockroach Infestations in Summer 

While cockroaches have adapted to the colder northern climates around Pittsburgh, they are tropical pests at heart. During the summer they forage through trash, garbage dumps, animal feces, sewers, and drains. They like dark, moist areas, so they will be found inside walls, pipes, sewer systems, drains, under cabinets, and more. With people leaving doors open, screens out, and generally being more active in the summer, they often invite cockroaches in.


Hazards Cockroaches Bring

The number one problem that cockroaches cause is the spread of bacteria. Because of the filthy environments that they like to inhabit, they naturally pick up germs and bacteria. As they run about your home, they deposit the bacteria onto your counters, tables, floors, toilets, faucet handles, and even your toothbrush. They don’t discriminate and will scurry about to find food, shelter, and moisture. The bacteria they transmit can make you and your family sick. Additionally, some people have asthma and allergy problem that are exacerbated by the presences of cockroaches.


The Difficulty with DIY Treatments  

When you see cockroaches in your Pittsburgh-area home your first instinct may be to squash them and get out the roach spray. You can try this, but it’s likely that spraying cockroaches will cause them to scurry and hide. This can increase your cockroach problem as they can stay hidden in impossible-to-reach, dark cracks for long periods of time. You are also releasing chemicals into your home that may harm your family.


Making a Safe Choice for Cockroach Eradication

At Witt Pest Management, our trained technicians will get to the bottom of your cockroach problem. We have years of experience and all the necessary equipment to rid your Pittsburgh home of cockroaches. This summer keep your home cockroach free by contacting Witt for information about our year-round pest control plans.

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