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Watch out for mice and other Pittsburgh pests as you unpack your decorations this holiday season!

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Ready or not, it is time to get those holiday decorations up. At Witt Pest Management we wanted to help you make your decorating process less of a hassle and most importantly pest free! Did you know that pests such as mice, spiders and silverfish could all be camping out in your decorations? And when you go to unpack your favorite ornaments and centerpieces, they just may show their faces.

We all know the dangers of mice, the scare of spiders, and the yuck factor associated with other pests on the loose. No pest should be a part of your holiday decorating in Pittsburgh which is why we have the information you need to safely unpack your decorations and prevent pests from running free in your home.

  • Bring all of your boxes of decorations either into the garage or outside if the weather permits. By unpacking them on a tarp or other surface you can check for any pests and also any of their damages.

  • Discard any damaged ornaments or broken Christmas lights as these can become dangerous and even pose threat of fire if mice have been gnawing on them.

  • Wash linens and other materials used for decorating to help kill any eggs or live critters.

  • If you are getting a real tree, keep it in the garage to warm up before it comes into the house. Often times insects will come back to life when they are warm and you don’t want this taking place in your living room. Also, a good shake outside will help disturb pests from the branches.

  • When storing your decorations after the holiday season, toss the old cardboard boxes and instead use rubber totes with tight closing lids that will be safe from pest interference.

If you find yourself sitting the midst of broken bulbs and a pest infestation that is beyond your control then make sure to contact the Pittsburgh pest control pros at Witt Pest Management. No matter how severe your pest problems may be, our team is dedicated to getting rid of the threat of pests and helping to prevent them from coming back. After all, the holiday season is already shared with extended family and the in-laws, there’s no time for the added stress of an infestation of pests. Give us a shout today to learn more about our Pittsburgh pest control.

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