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In the tradition of the holiday season there is a lot of talk about the naughty and nice list. And while we hope that everyone has been nice this year, the jury is out on one of the most talked about pests in recent years, bed bugs. While they used to be part of an old nighttime saying, bed bugs now pose a more serious threat when we say, “don’t let the bed bugs bite.” These blood sucking critters continue to find new hotel rooms, homes, apartments, and many other places to infest.

We decided to create both a naughty and nice list to see where bed bugs really belong:


Bed bugs do bite and can leave itchy red bumps on the skin
Bed bugs are great hiders and make it hard to identify an infestation
Bed bugs will latch onto your clothing or luggage to come home with you, without permission
Bed bugs can ruin the image and reputation of businesses, especially hotels
Bed bug treatments and remediation can be quite costly as more time goes by and infestations grow
Bed bugs multiple quickly and infestations can spread easily through rooms


Bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases to humans
Bed bug bites do not cause a reaction for many people
Bed bugs give up their hiding places pretty easy for bed bug inspecting canines

It seems that even though there are a few reasons that we could consider bed bugs nice, the fact is they are a serious pest threat and would probably land on the naughty list. If your home or business has identified any signs of bed bugs in Pittsburgh then please be sure to contact us at Witt Pest Management. With options available for Pittsburgh bed bug treatments that are both safe and effective, you can trust that your home or business will be restored to a bed bug free state in no time at all!

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