Bed Bugs or Carpet Beetle?

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There is nothing worse than finding a bug in your bed--well--besides, being trapped in a cave full of bears, wearing a shirt covered in honey. Sleeping in bed, while blood-eating insects feed on you multiple times during the night, is enough to induce mental trauma in even the most stalwart of people. If you've found bugs crawling in your bed, I'm sure the first thing you want to know is: are they bed bugs? Well, let's find out.

There are many bugs that can crawl in your bed, but only a few look a little bit like bed bugs. The most common invader that folks typically confuse with bed bugs are carpet beetles. These little bugs love to crawl through upholstery, blankets, rugs, and clothes. But, as you can see from the picture on this page, the carpet beetle has some color on its shell. Bed bugs are bland, brown, and gross. Bed bugs look--and act--more like ticks, only ticks have eight legs, instead of six.

If you find bugs in your bed, see if they match the bug on the top of the picture on this page. Bed bugs are tan to rusty brown, and will appear flat, unless they have had a recent meal. These bugs can be as small as a speck or as large a ¼ of an inch.

Here is a quick guide to check for bed bugs in your home.

  • Look to see if anyone in the house has mosquito-type bites. These bite can have a significant rash around them, depending on how often they have fed on a particular person, and how resistant that person is to anticoagulant bed bugs use to thin blood.

  • Inspect sheets and pillowcases for tiny dried blood spots. These can be quite small, so look closely.

  • Examine all mattress seams and corners for black fecal residue. These sticky areas of excrement are the best sign of bed bug infestation.

  • Use a flashlight to search your backboard, furniture, and rugs.

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, give Witt a call. These bugs can be hard to get rid of. Don't trust your family to anyone but the best. If you live outside the Pittsburgh area, and don't have a Witt Pest Management near you, look for a company that is QualityPro certified and affiliated with the National Pest Management Association. And, be sure to check them out on Angie's list.

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