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When the weather turns cold is when pests are most motivated to get into your home. In nature, bugs and mammals burrow deep into the ground, hide in tree holes, squeeze under bark, or travel south for the winter. But every year pests hide from the cold inside houses. Often it is an attic space or basement that provides the best protection.

During cold months, most bugs go into a low energy state called diapause, because food sources are harder to find and the cold makes travel difficult--even for spiders which have a natural antifreeze running through their veins. If bugs or mammals get into your attic space, the smell of food may lure them down into the living areas. This can be quite a hassle, especially if you have a stinging insect, like yellow jackets.

If you don't have year round pest control, don't wait till spring. The cold months are the best time to eradicate nests, colonies, and hives. Those pests won't be coming and going from your home. They'll all be snug as a bug in a rug--or in this case, your attic. Get them now before they ruin your spring.

What if I have year round pest control, can I skip the winter treatments?

Pest control is not a switch that is flipped on and suddenly you have a magical barrier around your home. It takes consistent, determined effort to safely keep a home pest free. If your get year-round treatments, it is unlikely you'll have any pests inside your home, but it's better to be safe than sorry. An inspection will pick up any trouble spots and an attic treatment will help protect the most vulnerable and enticing portion of your home from overwintering pests.

Spring time never ends inside your home.

If pests manage to get past your defenses, they will be happy to stay active all winter long. Termites will chew 24/7. Mice, rats, and roaches will climb through your wall voids and get into your food. And any number of flying pest, like stink bugs, lady bugs, box elder bugs, cluster flies, etc, will be happy to drive you crazy all winter long. Don't let your shields down. Get pest control year round and keep the pests out.

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