a wood eating carpenter bee perched on a pittsburgh structure as it is burrowing wholes through it

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Now that summer is about to waltz around the corner for us to bask in its sunshine, warmth, and the sight of full green trees, many Pittsburgh residents are ready to be more active outside. Spring cleaning is finished, rainstorms are becoming much less frequent, and all that’s left to do is take a break and enjoy the summer weather. Much to any homeowner’s dismay, however, many summer pests are becoming active as well. Ants, bees, termites, and cockroaches are out and about, searching for food and often intruding on our properties. And carpenter bees are another type of pest that can drive us crazy. Here’s why.

Problems Carpenter Bees Cause

Most people are aware that termites cause huge issues for many homeowners during the summer. While carpenter bees are not capable of creating the extensive damage that termites cause, they can still be a problem for your property. A single carpenter bee doesn’t cause much damage other than drilling incredibly circular holes into the exterior wood of your home. But carpenter bees like to return to the location in which they hatched to lay their own eggs, which means you could have carpenter bees coming to your property year after year, creating new holes and more damage. If this cycle goes on long enough, stairs may weaken, decks may sink, and your foundations may crack. Aside from the damage they can do to your home, carpenter bees also create unsightly holes that are not appealing to look at. 

How To Prevent Carpenter Bee Infestations

One of the most frustrating things about having a carpenter bee infestation is that they can be quite difficult to prevent without help. One thing you can keep in mind, however, is that carpenter bees prefer to infest untreated wood. This means paint, finish, and wood treatments can help slow down the damage carpenter bees are capable of doing to your property. The only true way to keep carpenter bees away from your home is with pest protection from a pest professional. Witt Pest Management provides quality services and treatments for pests of all shapes and sizes, including carpenter bees. Keep your Pittsburgh property pest-free this summer with the pest professionals from Witt Pest Management on your side!

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