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You probably spent the winter looking forward to the weather getting nice enough to spend days and evenings enjoying your backyard. Now that time has almost arrived, but you’re about to spend more of your time swatting mosquitoes than relaxing. Don’t let mosquitoes in Pittsburgh ruin your spring. The solution is easier than you think!

When Do Mosquitoes Return and Why are They a Problem?

Before dying off in late fall, mosquitoes lay eggs that survive the winter. In the spring when the weather warms up, these eggs can hatch when they get covered with water. Once the newly hatched mosquitoes mature, they can then reproduce and you’ll quickly end up with a yard full of mosquitoes once again.

Unfortunately, mosquitoes are far more than an annoyance, although they also fit that bill very well. Mosquitoes can drive you to distraction when you’re outside, buzz annoyingly in your ear when you’re inside, and cover you in itchy bites in no time. They also spread a number of diseases, some deadly. In fact, mosquitoes are the deadliest animal in the world. They spread Malaria, Dengue fever, West Nile virus, and Zika virus to name a few.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pittsburgh Home

The best DIY method of mosquito control is to eliminate all areas of standing water on your property. Mosquitoes can’t breed without standing water, but they don’t need a lot of it to hatch their eggs. That means even the smallest areas of water must be eliminated to effectively control mosquito populations on your property.

Remove bird baths and keep pet dishes indoors. Fill low spots on your lawn. Check outdoor spigots for leaks or drips. Store toys and equipment inside so they don’t collect rainwater. Clean your gutters on a regular basis.

There is another, more effective way to ensure that mosquitoes don’t ruin your spring. Call Witt Pest Management. We offer one-time or monthly mosquito treatments to keep your yard as mosquito-free as possible.

When you schedule an appointment, a trained pest control technician will visit your home and inspect your property to determine the most likely locations where mosquitoes are breeding and resting. Our technician will then mist these areas with a mosquito repellent to keep your yard a pleasant place to spend time. Mosquitoes in Pittsburgh don’t have to ruin your spring, contact Witt Pest Management to learn more about our mosquito control services and pest control in Pittsburgh.

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