a large colony of pavement ants clustered into a line formation as they infest a pittsburgh pennsylvania home

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Summer means lots of ants in Pittsburgh and its surrounding areas. It’s up to you to take steps to prevent them from becoming a nuisance in your home. There are many effective do-it-yourself tricks you can use to deter ants as much as possible. If you’ve tried everything or are just tired of losing the battle against ants, professional pest control can help. 


Why Ant Prevention Matters

While most of the time ants are nothing more than a nuisance, they can become problematic. Ants in large numbers can contaminate your food, transmit bacteria, attract other pests, and even cause damage to your home. Outdoors they can kill your lawn, cause unsightly brown spots, and invade your outdoor activities. Squishing them gets old and is ineffective. Kicking dirt over their ant hills only causes them to dig out a new hole. However, there are prevention steps that you can take.


DIY Tips to Deter Ants

As a Pittsburgh-area homeowner, there are some things you can try to keep ants away from your property and out of your home:

  • Keep your grass trimmed short to reduce moisture and shelter.

  • Seal up your home and make repairs in a timely manner, from torn screens to a crumbling foundation and cracks around utility entry points, ants will find their way in.

  • Cover your outdoor trash can with a tight-fitting lid.

  • Don’t leave pet food or dishes outside on your patio or deck.

  • Utilize diatomaceous earth in areas where ant populations on your lawn are high.

  • Consider natural methods like dish soap, red pepper flakes, vinegar, or essential oils, such as peppermint, applied to ant trails and directly in their nests.

  • Clean up immediately after eating outdoors.

  • Wipe up spills on counters, and sweep and vacuum frequently indoors.

  • Keep sweet and sticky foods stored in airtight containers.

  • Take indoor trash out regularly.


Witt Pest Management for Ant Control

Perhaps you’ve tried all the DIY methods and they aren’t working, or you are too busy to spend your nights and weekends fighting ants. If prevention fails and your lawn or home is colonized by ants, call Witt Pest Management. At Witt, we have years of experience ridding Pittsburgh-area homes of pesky ants. We can work with you to find the right solution to your pest control problem.  Our year-round pest control plans give you worry-free protection from a variety of pests, including ants.

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