a black and yellow long winged wasp sprawled out on a vibrant green leaf in a pittsburgh pennsylvania back yard

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Even while the active season for most insects is winding down, the most vigorous time of year for stinging insects is only just beginning.

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets are still active this time of year and may become more aggressive as late summer and early fall continue. After months of raising a countless number of young, these stinging insects finally find themselves empty-nesters. With no more larvae in the nest to break down chitin into sugar, the remaining workers begin to enter a form of starvation. This will lead them to forage under extreme circumstances and be far more likely to sting any passing humans.

Some individuals may have strong fears related to these insects or intense reactions to their painful stings. In some cases, sting side effects may be life-threatening if the victim is allergic to them. 


Steps to Combat Stingers

To stop these pests from ruining your remaining outdoor summer days, take these vital steps to help keep them out of the yard and home alike. 

  • Watch your sugars! These flying pests will go to any lengths necessary to satiate their sweet tooth. Clean up outdoor areas as soon as you are finished eating. 

  • Once you throw everything away, be sure that your garbage cans or other storage containers have tight seals. 

  • If stinging insects can’t gain access to food, they will still be attracted to sweet smells. If you plan to be outside for any length of time, consider forgoing perfumes and use fragrant-free lotions, and creams. If at all possible, avoid scented candles and strong aromatic products.

  • Are stinging insects getting inside? Start by checking doors, windows, and attics for cracks or other openings. Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets will take any risk necessary to locate food. 

Despite your best efforts, stinging insects may still find a way to infest your yard. Should this happen, professional pest control services should be contacted immediately. 


Make Witt Your Ward

Wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets pose significant risks to your health and happiness. If stinging insects have found their way into the nooks and crannies of your property, it’s time to fight back. Call the professionals at Witt Pest Management today to begin the process of eliminating stinging insects for year-round protection of your home and yard. 

Utilizing one of our custom pest control plans customized to your unique needs, our highly trained technicians will conduct a thorough inspection of your residence to identify the sources of the infestation. Once we get to work, we’ll do it right the first time: guaranteed! Don’t wait any longer to crack down on these dangerous nuisances. Choose Witt today—the smart way to stay pest-free.

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