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You probably know what a rat is. There are few people who do not. But do you know what Norway rat is? If you live in Pittsburgh, you should. Norway rats in Pittsburgh are common pests that can become a serious problem. They can carry fleas into your yard and into your home. They spread harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, pathogens, and other organisms. They damage property by chewing on things and by leaving their feces and urine everywhere. Worst of all, Norway rats can cause a house fire by chewing on live wires inside wall voids. Here are a few more things you may not know about Norway rats.

10 Facts About Norway Rats

  • Norway rats are called fancy rats, laboratory rats and, more helpfully, brown rats. These rats are brown with a gray or white underside.
  • Templeton from Charlotte's Web is a Norway rat. If you're wondering how a Norway rat behaves, you can get many insights from this classic story.
  • Norway rats get into garbage and sewer systems. This is how they pick up harmful organisms.
  • Norway rats burrow tunnels under the ground to create places to live. They prefer to create burrows under piles of objects.
  • While Norway rats prefer to be outside, they will get inside when conditions outside are unfavorable, such as times of flooding, times of drought, and when it gets too cold.
  • The fleas that Norway rats carry are more dangerous to humans because they contract some of the diseases these rats have contracted. When a Norway rat brings fleas into your home, it can be much worse than your dog or cat bringing fleas in.
  • The teeth of a Norway rat never stop growing. A Norway rat has to gnaw on things to file their teeth down. When they gnaw on your home, they accidentally make pathways to get in. These pathways can be used by other pests that don't chew their way in, such as cockroaches, centipedes and silverfish. Pathways created by rats can also allow rainwater to get into your home and lead to water damage and mold issues.
  • A Norway rat can get into your home through ground-floor or basement toilets. This is because they can swim underwater and come in through the culvert system that your sewage drains out to. It is much worse to have a sewage system rat getting into your home because they are much dirtier than Norway rats that live in the ground.
  • It is extremely difficult to control Norway rats because they are so clever and resourceful. When you find these rodents in your home, it is best to contact a licensed pest management professional.
  • Norway rats breed faster than rabbits. It doesn't take long for one or two rats to turn into a lot of rats.

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