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With so many dangerous diseases that can be transmitted by insects making headlines lately, you can sometimes overlook the most obvious source of pathogen spreading insect out there. This insect has become so numerous and contact with it has become so common that you hardly even know when they are swarming all around. In fact, it is estimated that these insects have more than 120,000 species worldwide, and some estimates are much, much higher. So what exactly is this common menace that is capable of spreading pathogens to humans such as E. coli and Salmonella? It is the common fly!

While it is true that Pennsylvania doesn’t play host to all the species we see worldwide, we sure do have our share. Common flies that can be found here in Pennsylvania include: house fly, fruit fly, drain fly, horse fly, bluebottle fly, cluster fly, and flesh fly to name just a few. These pests have become so common that we hardly even notice when they are near which makes the dangerous.

No fly is a good fly to have buzzing around your barbecue, kitchen, pantry, or anywhere else for that matter. These pests are wandering through garbage cans, running through your dog’s feces, and foraging in sewers, landfills, and dead carcasses before they come crawling over your hamburger, French fries, and watermelon.

There are some practical steps that you can take to avoid flies at your next barbecue and in your kitchen daily. These steps include:

  • Keep trash cans covered with tightly covered lids and remove trash on a regular basis.

  • Keep food picked up; be sure to store food in the refrigerator or in sealed containers rather than out on the cupboard.

  • Keep your kitchen and other food preparation areas swept and clean up any spills promptly.

  • Make sure that drains are kept free of organic matter.

  • Be sure to keep your doors and windows closed or be sure that the screens are intact.

  • Eliminate all sources of standing water and repair leaky pipes and spigots.

  • Clean up pet waste on a regular basis.

  • Partner with a trusted pest control company.

Even with your very best efforts, it is likely that you will not eliminate flies from your home completely; which is why a pest control plan is so important. The fewer flies in your home the lower the chance that you will become sick from the germs they carry. Here at Witt Pest Management we have been providing state of the art pest control solutions for our friends in Pennsylvania for over 100 years. Our technicians are knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient and can handle any pest problems that you may face. And, because we care about our community, we offer Eco-friendly products.

Don’t let flies run wild in your home or on your property. Reduce their numbers with help from Pittsburgh’s leading pest control company – Witt Pest Management.

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