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There are a lot of endings to the, "Waiter! There is a dead fly in my soup," joke; but if you own a restaurant, we don't imagine you find any of them funny. Not even the one that ends with, "Yes, sir. It's the heat that kills them."

Customers don't like finding things in their food, even things they can't see like harmful bacteria. They might put up with a bad experience with a waiter or waitress, but getting food poisoning is most likely going to keep them from returning. While they are likely to report a bug in their food, like the aforementioned fly, they probably won't go out of their way to call you and let you know that they became sick after eating at your establishment. They will simply choose not to return. That is one of the many reasons why food safety and proper sanitation is important.

The Watch-Gard program from Witt Pest Management works to keep your food and your food prep areas safe.

  • Scheduled evaluations from the certified specialists from Witt will help you and your staff to stay on top of sanitation conditions that can lead to issues. These evaluations include a thorough inspection, an on-site review, and detailed record keeping that is made available through the internet.

  • Your Watch-Gard specialist will provide detailed preventative maintenance for all chemical dispensing units, perform repairs, and verify proper product dilution rations. Services include food service products and degreasers, glass and multi-surface cleaners, environmentally responsible maintenance solutions, hand care, ware washing, floor care products, and more.

  • Your staff will be given comprehensive training necessary to sustain a consistent and uniform program that meets or exceeds government standards. This will ensure a pass on all inspections and audits.

  • The Watch-Gard program also offers detail cleaning. This is a deep cleaning service that is similar to taking your car to get it detailed. When you need to know your kitchen, drains, carpets, restrooms, and floor are clean enough to eat off from, detail cleaning is the solution.

  • And, since Witt has one of the most advanced pest control teams in the United States, you can know that your business will be safe from cockroaches, rodents, and other illness-spreading pests that can poison food and contaminate food surfaces which can lead to bad customer reviews, or worse, a failed inspection.

Protect your customers, your employees, and your brand. Watch-Gard by Witt is a complete, turnkey solution for food safety and sanitation that will make sure your customers never find a fly in their soup--or anything else for that matter. Get service for your business today.


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