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There are not many patrons that would return to a restaurant after they have experienced a food-related illness. Now, if they absolutely loved the restaurant and have been going there for many years, they may give it a second chance, but for the most part, people would be wary of returning.

Let’s face it, many businesses depend on the loyalty of returning happy customers, but none so much as restaurants do. That said, pests and food-related illnesses are not risks your restaurant can afford to take. If you own or manage a restaurant in the Pittsburgh area, your business could benefit from our food safety program.

Our specialized team of knowledgeable professionals want to help you with your restaurant by helping you maintain food safety and sanitary conditions. By partnering up with Witt Pest Management, it shows the public that you are concerned with the health and well-being of your patrons and staff.

Our Watch-Gard® Food Safety Program includes:

  • A thorough comprehensive evaluation of all food safety and sanitation conditions throughout your restaurant

  • Detailed documentation of useful information and on-site summaries will be made available to you and your staff every time we visit

  • Our availability to give advice on specific equipment checks, proper restroom sanitation, on-site training, inventory control, safety awareness, and emergency service procedures

  • Preventative maintenance and repair concerning chemicals and dispensing equipment along with activity reports of each job

  • Product solutions for food service products, food service degreasers, glass and multi-surface cleaners, environmentally responsible maintenance solutions, hand care, restroom, ware washing, floor care products, and more

  • Comprehensive training and support in food safety that includes cleaning and sanitation, proper use of products, personal hygiene, cross-contamination, dispenser usage, and safety (SDS, OSHA, Haz-Com)

  • Detailed deep cleaning for kitchens, grocery departments, drains, carpets, restrooms, and floors

There is no doubt we are serious about food safety and our commitment to our clients as we help them become the restaurant people want to return to over and over again.

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