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Bed bugs are a problem no one wants to have. Unfortunately, they also thrive in Pittsburgh for most of the year, and your home provides all of the things they need to survive, making it an attractive target to invade.

With the difficulty that comes with trying to treat bed bugs, it’s vital to know all the potential warning signs of a bed bug infestation so that, should one come into your hand, you can contact the professionals immediately for help. The faster you get help, the more likely you’ll be able to eliminate the entire infestation with minimal problems.

Bed Bug Warning Signs

Without further ado, here are four common warning signs that your Pittsburgh home has become infested with bed bugs:

  • You have unexplained round itchy red bite marks on your body first thing in the morning.

  • You see very thin oval shaped tan, brown, or red 1/4 inch long bugs in or around your bed.

  • You see miniscule rusty or reddish stains on sheets or mattresses or dark spots of scat.

  • You see tiny eggs and eggshells not much larger than the scat or pale yellow shed skins.

If you’ve seen one or multiple of these signs around your home, don’t wait: contact a professional for help immediately.

How Did Bed Bugs Get Into My Home?

Bed bugs can get inside through a number of methods, but typically hitchhike on your clothes or personal possessions in order to get inside. Gaining access to your home could come from moving furniture, clothing, backpacks, handbags, linens, decorative items, books, cardboard boxes, and any other item where a bed bug could be hiding or where eggs were deposited at the previous location.

Even a stay at a hotel, motel, or rooming house could lead to transporting eggs or bed bugs back in your suitcase. Nobody would knowingly import bed bugs, but sometimes people just do not know that there are hidden bed bugs or eggs.

Bed Bugs: Nocturnal Problem Pests

Bed Bugs feed at night. They are shy insects and when not feeding hide in seams of mattresses, bedding like sheets and blankets, clothing, floors boards, and floor coverings. That is where their eggs and the nymph live stages grow into adults. They locate you by body heat and the carbon dioxide you breathe out as you sleep. They will bite any exposed skin they come to and feed on one bite for three to ten minutes.

When bed bugs bite, bed bugs inject two chemicals into your body, the first an anesthetic and the second an anticoagulant. These chemicals ensure that you do not feel it when you get bitten and that your blood does not clot, allowing them to suck up as much of it as possible.

Human reactions to the bites vary but it is these chemicals that cause the itching and redness of the bites. The usual bite mark is a small red circle on the skin, not swollen, that itches. There may be several bite marks in one area.

Witt Pest Management Finds Bed Bugs Wherever They’re Hiding

Bed Bugs are not solely found in your bedrooms. They will travel some distance to feed so infestations can be found in several or all of the rooms in your house. Getting rid of them is a whole house complex problem so Trust Witt To Make It Right: call the Witt Pest Management professionals right away, call (412) 924-8324

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