a german cockroach infesting a pittsburgh pennsylvania restaurant

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As a restaurant owner, you have a keen understanding of the importance of maintaining sanitary practices. Not only will a clean environment pass inspection, but it will also improve your restaurant’s reputation and possibly increase business. That’s why German cockroaches can be a big problem for your Pittsburgh restaurant. But, with a little know-how and vigilance, you can keep your restaurant free of these dangerous invaders.


What are German Cockroaches and Why Do They Love Restaurants?

German cockroaches are small, typically growing to only about ½ an inch in length. They are oval-shaped and tan with six legs and two long antennae. Spending most of their time hidden in cracks and crevices, German roaches prefer warm, humid areas with a bountiful food source. This is what makes restaurant kitchens the perfect breeding ground for these small pests.


Why You Don’t Want German Roaches in Your Pittsburgh Restaurant

They may be small, but that doesn’t mean German cockroaches are harmless. In fact, they’re just the opposite. The problem with roaches is that they spend a lot of time in germ-filled areas, like garbage bins and sewers, so once they get into your restaurant they can spread germs around. Cockroaches can contaminate restaurant countertops, tables, food-prep areas, and food. 
Over 30 different types of bacteria have been linked to cockroaches, as well as six kinds of parasitic worms and seven other pathogens. In the restaurant business, reports of food poisoning through salmonella or E. coli contamination can be incredibly detrimental to your reputation and success. It’s vital to keep the potential for these illnesses at a minimum, and keeping German roaches out of your restaurant is a good place to start.


How to Keep German Cockroaches Out of Your Pittsburgh Restaurant

In order to keep German cockroaches out of your Pittsburgh restaurant, you need to make it unappealing to them. First, make sure you have good moisture control systems in place. Kitchens can get hot and steamy, but keeping humidity low is essential in keeping roaches out.
Next, make sure you keep your kitchen and dining room clean. Use proper food storage practices, clean up messes on counters, tables, and floors, don’t leave dirty dishes out, and remove garbage frequently. Roaches will look for food sources and if they can’t find any, they won’t want to stick around.
Finally, making it difficult to get into your restaurant in the first place will go a long way in keeping them out. Seal all openings, cracks, and gaps around the outside of your building. Cut back foliage so shady, moist areas can’t thrive and produce areas where roaches congregate. Keep the outside of your property clean of debris and food waste and make sure that any outdoor garbage bins are tightly covered.


What to Do if German Roaches Get Into Your Pittsburgh Restaurant

If you see a German roach inside your restaurant, you can guarantee there are more hidden away somewhere. For the safety of your customers and the protection of your restaurant’s reputation, you must eliminate your roach problem as quickly as possible. Witt Pest Management provides commercial roach control that is effective, discreet, and as minimally invasive as possible. We will eliminate the German cockroaches that threaten your business, letting you get back to what you do best. Contact Witt today to schedule an inspection.

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