a carpenter bee burrows into wood in pittsburgh

Read on to learn the signs of a carpenter bee infestation!

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It’s easy for many people to categorize all stinging insects into one category. But the behaviors and habits of different species can be completely different. For example the carpenter bee, found in Pittsburgh, is a solitary bee whereas many other bees and stinging insects are extremely social in colonies with hundreds of others. Also, the habits of different stinging insects bring different pest threats to homeowners. The pest control professionals at Witt Pest Management would like to share ways to detect and prevent carpenter bees from infesting your home.

Carpenter bees demonstrate very different behaviors than most stinging insects. They are solitary, which means they will nest alone rather than with others of their species. This is good news because there are not going to be swarms of carpenter bees if you have them on your property, but bad news because they can go undetected easier. Over time even the work of one carpenter bee can cause damages to the wood structures and objects in your home.

The female carpenter bees actually chew through wood to create a tunnel and build a nest gallery with little holes for eggs. The male carpenter bee will swarm outside of the nest area as a guard. Although he does not have a stinger, his aggressive nature generally scares people and other insects away.

Signs of carpenter bees

  • Deposits of chewed wood, called frass

  • Holes in wood that look like perfectly drilled holes

  • Holes are usually in weathered or unfinished wood

  • A bee buzzing as a guard outside of a wood object

Prevent carpenter bees

  • Stain or finish all wood objects in your home to prevent the females from drilling holes to nest

  • Treat any old holes with a wood filler and then apply a wood finish to prevent any more damage to the wood

  • Stay on watch for any of the above signs of carpenter bees so you can treat for them before they cause too much damage to the structures in your home

If you do notice that your Pittsburgh, PA home has a carpenter bee infestation, it is best to call in the professionals. At Witt Pest Management, our team is experienced in treating for carpenter bees and will be able to develop a treatment plan specific to your current problem. If you would like more information on our bee removal or other pest control services, please contact us today!

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