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It isn't like they're dangerous or anything. Well, in order to understand why it is a bad idea to have centipedes in your home, let's play a game called: ‘Have You Ever?’

Have you ever felt something crawling next to your body while lying in bed, pulled the covers away, and saw a creature that looks like the cat coughed it up? Have you ever gotten out of the shower, reached for a towel on its rung, and saw something large on the wall crawl behind it? Have you ever developed a fear of going into the laundry room because you saw something disturbingly creepy crawl under one of the machines? This is how it happens. No one in the history of the world ever said, "Aww. Look at the cute little centipede." These bugs are disturbing on so many levels.

Okay. Let's put this in perspective. If someone were to take a centipede out of a jar and slowly bring it toward you, you might be able to build up the courage to hold it in your hand. Obviously, this depends on how brave you are and how averse you are to hard-shelled, creepy things. The reason you can probably hold it is because you are able to prepare yourself. Your brain has time to say, "This creature is disgusting, but it isn't going to hurt me."

Inside your home, those centipedes are not going to give you any time to get used to them being in the room. You'll flick on a light and find one clinging to the wall just above it. You'll open a box in the basement and have one crawl out onto your hand. Or, they might just choose to run along your shoulders and neck while you're relaxing with a little television at the end of the day.

You get the point. Centipedes don't generally bite people, and they are not vectors for disease, but that doesn't mean they are good to have in your house.

So, how do you keep centipedes out of your home?

You can have some limited success keeping centipedes out of your home simply by creating a barrier they cannot pass through. Make sure your screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping are all in good working condition. Make sure you don't have holes that centipedes can get in through (this requires going into hard-to-get-at places and doing an inspection with a flashlight). These are bugs that can slip through very small cracks and have the ability to climb walls. So, you're going to need to look high and low.

Another, more effective way to keep centipedes--and other, more dangerous pests--out of your home, is to have year-round pest control services from a professional like the expert team here at Witt Pest Management. When you have a company like us doing regular inspections and applying the appropriate products to vulnerable areas in a manner that is safe for your pets and your children, you can know for sure that those centipedes will not be freaking you out.

Centipedes aren't cute. Keep them out with a call to Witt Pest Management today.

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