Mouse In Box Of Ornaments

Proper packing of ornaments will ensure mice and other pests do not destroy them.

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While it’s always bittersweet to pack away ornaments, linens and other holiday decorations for another year, we wanted to remind Pittsburgh families that the proper packing of holiday decorations is important to ensure they are safe in storage and free of pest problems!

There are a variety of pests in the Pittsburgh area that would really enjoy taking shelter in boxes labeled “holiday decorations”. Not only are they warm, they are not visited by people except for once a year. Perfect conditions for mice, spiders, silverfish and other insects especially now that the cold winter weather has arrived in Pittsburgh. Once established, most pests will begin to multiply and only cause you more problems including damage to precious decorations. To put a stop to pests our Pittsburgh pest control professionals here are Witt Pest Management to share a few tips on how to pest-proof your holiday decorations and home.

  1. Inspect ornaments for any signs of damage and discard edible ones as they will attract foraging pests in storage. 

  2. Wash napkins, tablecloths and other linens to remove spills and crumbs that would catch the attention of hungry mice. Once clean, seal in bags and store inside a container. 

  3. Ditch the cardboard boxes and plastic bags and store all of your holiday gear in durable plastic storage totes that can withstand rodents gnawing and also keep insects and moisture out. 

  4. Keep basements, attics and garages as well as other storage areas free of clutter as this will discourage rodents from nesting among boxes, furniture and other possessions. You should also monitor storage areas for pest activity.

  5. Deep clean the kitchen, dining room and other well used areas. You want to ensure that there are no food sources for foraging pests and all of their friends. 

  6. Pay careful attention to the outside of your home as well and seal any holes or openings that would permit pests to enter. Also, keep garage doors closed when not in use.

If you do find evidence of pest activity then be sure to contact us at Witt Pest Management. We have the knowledge and expertise to safely and effectively get rid of any pests that you have found and we will also help to protect your Pittsburgh home and property from new pest activity.

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