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Do you have any idea how many ants there are in the dirt around your home? The numbers would stagger you. The largest ant colony in the world, recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records, is an ant hill in Europe that spans 3,728 miles from Italy to Portugal. It contains over a billion ants. Most of us don't have a super colony outside our home, but it is not uncommon for an ant colony to have over a million ants living in it. A queen in a fire ant colony can lay 1,500 to 5,000 eggs a day, and a fire ant colony can have 100 to 500 thousand ants living in it. Most homes have several dozen colonies living around them. That means your home could have 5 to 12 million ants hustling and bustling all around it.

Let's put this into perspective. There are 8.4 million people living in the city of New York. If you were to take that city and squeeze all those people down to ant size and imagine them foraging for food in the dirt, grass, weeds, and woods around your home, it is easy to understand why you're getting a few on your walkway or climbing around in your cabinets. So, what do you do about it?

Often, when confronted with an ant issue, we roll up our sleeves and try to do it ourselves. If you've ever done this, then you will nod your head when I say, "Trying to stop ants is like trying to catch snowflakes." You can have limited success, but it is almost impossible to get rid of ants.

Spray insecticides, apart from being dangerous for children and pets, are also useless to stop ants. Sure, you'll kill a bunch of them. All those dead ants is what keeps those ant spray companies in business. But the problem doesn't go away. Most of the time it makes the problem worse. You may not know this, but many ant colonies have multiple queens. If you get a can of spray at the store and start going at those ants with a vengeance, those colonies are going to divide. This is called budding. This effectively leaves you with two colonies instead of one. Another problem those sprays have is that they kill ants too quickly. Those worker ants don't live long enough to feed the poison to the queens.

Properly treating for ants requires a knowledge of how ants behave, and where they build their colonies. A trained technician knows how to get worker ants to bring a slow acting poison back to their nest to kill the queen. With the queen dead, the ant colony dies.

If you want to keep ants from getting into your home, you need to reduce the population of ants around your home. Contact a pest control company like Witt Pest Management and get an experienced professional to stop your ant problem at the source. You don't have to live with a major metropolitan city of ants living around your home. Start living in an ant-free home. It is better in so many ways.

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