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The largest of the eusocial wasps (hornets) aren’t fun for anyone in the Pittsburgh area. With their famous stingers and with some hornet species reaching sizes up to 5.5 cm in length, it’s no surprise they can be intimidating. Hornets can be identified by their segmented bodies and narrow waists. Regardless of their appearance, it’s their sting and behavior patterns that make them so dangerous for people residing in Pittsburgh.

Why Hornets Are Bad News

Fortunately, hornets don’t deliberately seek out humans to harm. However, that does not mean they aren’t extremely territorial and aggressive when provoked. When this occurs, they will attack their target en masse. Hornets aren’t the only insects that can sting, but there are a few reasons why they’re considered the most dangerous:

Powerful Stings

Hornets naturally have powerful stings that are stronger than most others. However, the real threat lies in multiple stings. Not only can a single hornet sting multiple times, but they will signal other hornets in the nest to attack.

Potent Venom

Hornets have been measured to pack more venom in their stingers than other insects in the Vespa family. This is mostly due to the amount of acetylcholine present in their venom, which is known to reach up to 5% concentration. With repeated stings, a large amount of venom can get into the bloodstream, causing a range of problems including possible death.

Anaphylactic Shock

The venom is toxic but usually non-fatal. However, some people react strongly due to allergies. One of the most severe reactions is anaphylactic shock and potential death if not treated quickly enough. Immediate medical attention is needed for those who are allergic.

Solid Prevention Tips To Follow

Avoiding hornets is relatively easy once you know some solid prevention tips to follow. That’s why we’ve collected some of the most effective prevention tips for your review:

  • Remove the food. Hornets are attracted to your food, especially if it’s sweet. As such, the best thing you can do is to ensure all food is covered, sealed, and stored properly once done eating.

  • Cover trashcans. Like most pests, hornets love exploring your trash. Improper trash storage and unsealed trashcans is a recipe for a hornet infestation near the house. Close the lids, seal the bags, and dispose of the trash regularly to remain protected.

  • Home maintenance. While they usually nest outside the home, they aren’t opposed to nesting inside. That’s why it’s important to make sure to fill any crack, hole, or damaged screen when inspecting the perimeter of your home. If they can’t actually get inside, then you can’t be invaded. Plus, this keeps you protected from other pests so it’s a win-win.

  • Landscaping is important. Pests like the wild. When your yard looks like the wild instead of a manicured property, they are very interested in staying. As such, be sure to mow regularly, trim the hedges and bushes, and perform any other landscaping needed for a neat and maintained property.

Eliminate Hornets With Witt Pest Management

Hornets are bad news for Pittsburgh property owners. Our team at Witt Pest Management is committed to handling every aspect of your wasp infestation from start to finish. We offer a range of TopCare programs designed for your needs and backed by over 100 years of experience to ensure you remain protected from any pest infestation. With us, you take back control of your yard and home for a safe and comfortable living experience that you deserve. Learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control service options.

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