Watch Out For Bed Bugs While Traveling

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Although you may not see warning signs for bed bugs out on the roads this year, it does not mean that they are not a major travel threat. As individuals and families in Pittsburgh, and across the country set out to visit family near and far for the holidays, the amount of traveling will greatly increase. And with a spike in travel unfortunately comes a spike in bed bug problems as well.

Bed bugs continue to be a threat to businesses in the hospitality industry like hotels, inns, and are even affecting airlines, and public transportation companies. So as people utilize all of these traveling sources, it is important that they understand how they can protect themselves from accidentally bringing home bed bugs with all of their holiday gifts. Fortunately, the Pittsburgh bed bug control pros at Witt Pest Management have some great tips to help travelers avoid bed bugs this holiday season.

Pack smart - By keeping clothing in large bags that seal shut within the suitcase, this will prevent bed bugs or their eggs from embedding into the clothing and hiding out. Also, pack a flashlight as this helps in bed bug inspections.

Inspect first - Before dropping the luggage and unpacking clothing, it is important to inspect the room for any signs of bed bugs which include dark spots on bedding that are excrements from bed bugs feeding on human blood, also the skins of bed bugs which are shed as they grow, and even look for live bugs themselves which resemble apple seeds. And don't just inspect the bed and mattress because bed bugs are likely to be hiding in places like the nightstands, under carpet, behind mirrors, on upholstered furniture and drapes, and even in electrical outlets.

Stay on alert - Even if the room shows no signs of bed bugs, it is still advised to keep your clothing in the sealed bags instead of storing clothing in hotel dressers. Also, keep luggage up off the floor on the luggage stands most hotels provide. Another aspect of staying on alert is to be checking for signs of bed bugs even outside your place of lodging. These blood-sucking critters can be found on planes, trains, busses and taxis. And let’s not forget about monitoring the home after the holidays in case bed bugs decided to hitchhike back to your place.

The holidays are all about family and friends, not bed bugs. But if they have found their way into the home after holiday travels, be sure to contact the pest control pros right away. Bed bugs spread quickly and really take away from the holiday spirit. To get rid of bed bugs in Pittsburgh and elsewhere in Pennsylvania, please contact us at Witt Pest Management today!

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