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Winter brings out a variety of pests that we often don’t think about or pay much attention to. Our joyous holiday season can be ruined by these unassuming pests. We’re not talking about mice or spiders. We are referring to common pantry pests, which can include a variety of beetles and months.

These pests enjoy nesting in and consuming the dry goods in your pantry. As they do so, they contaminate the food and can cost you a lot of money on food waste. While these pests are not particularly harmful - they don’t bite or sting - they can be a pain to deal with and may transmit bacteria to your food.
Take steps to keep your pantry free of these pests this holiday season. Some varieties of pantry moths and beetles include Indian meal moths, clothing moths, grain beetles, and carpet beetles.

How Beetles and Moths Get into Homes

Beetles and moths are usually transported into your home within the dry goods that you purchase from your local grocery store. They are attracted to grains, flour, cereals, bird food, nuts and, sometimes, dried fruits. These are all items that many of us will use to make delicious desserts this holiday season. Most often the packaging for these products is paper or cardboard, which is attractive to pantry pests. They will cocoon and hide under flaps or in the corners of the packages. When you bring these products home, you are bringing these pests home with them.

How Beetles and Moths Ruin Food Products

These pantry pests ruin your food by spinning their webs or laying their eggs in your grain products. The eggs hatch and the larvae crawl around in your food as they develop. Not only do you not want to eat larvae or bugs, but they leave their secretions in your food, which you do not want to ingest. If you have dry goods that have been sitting in your pantry since last holiday season, be sure to check them before you begin this year’s holiday baking.

Risks and Dangers Pantry Pests Pose

The biggest risk that moths and beetles pose is contamination. As mentioned above, when they get into your food they reproduce. Once in your food their eggs and larvae, as well as full-grown bugs, could mistakenly be consumed. They can transmit bacteria to your food and, therefore, to your family, making them sick. Preparing a holiday meal with contaminated products could be a disaster.

How Witt Pest Management Help

A TopCare home protection plan from Witt Management can help you keep your home pest free year-round, including this holiday season. Our trained pest control technicians will work with you on a plan to eliminate pests, including pantry pests, from your home. Our plans, coupled with some preventative steps you can take, are your best option to combat pantry pests.

A few preventative steps to take:

  • Check dry goods before bringing them home.
  • Regularly vacuum you pantry floors.
  • Clean your pantry shelves and discard expired or old food often.

Call Witt Management for help in ridding your home of unwanted pantry pests. You can enjoy a stress-free holiday meal!

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