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There is always joy and excitement to be found during the holiday season. The family gatherings, the food, the traditions, the football, and did I mention the food? One thing we don't want to find are pests in our homes, there's no surer way to ruin the magic of the holidays than to realize you've got an infestation that needs dealing with. Of particular note during this season are the pests that would like to share your meals. We often have food stored for extended periods of time, awaiting a special day or standing by just in case, and what that means for pests is a ready supply that they can live off of in the cold winter months. Before a bunch of bugs or other critters ruin your favorite holiday, here are a few tips for avoiding unwelcome guests this season.

One of the pests we see during this time of year is the Indian meal moth, a breed of moth that ignores fabrics in favor of food. An infestation can quickly ruin your appetite, as  Indian meal moths will get into any dry goods that they can. Indian meal moths enter our homes almost exclusively through already contaminated food, and prevention generally comes down to care in inspecting and choosing foods you purchase. Elimination of Indian meal moths starts in the same place, with your food storage area. If you discover an infestation, complete removal of all contaminated food is a must, including dog food and bird seed, which are favorite foods of the little pests and their even tinier eggs.

Mice are another pest that wants a share of the holiday cheer, and the damage and health risks they pose as they go about finding and living off your food are serious matters. Mice will chew through wiring, take your insulation to build nests, and leave a really nasty and very unhealthy mess wherever they wander. One of the frustrating things about mice is that they can get into a variety of containers; even some aluminum packaging isn't safe against their gnawing intrusion. Keeping mice out of the house starts with a sealed building. Taking the time to look for and close potential openings with steel wool and caulking is an essential first step in saying no thank you to furry holiday visitors in your pantry.

These and other pests can quickly take the fun out of this special season, and sometimes do-it-yourself methods are not enough. Complete removal of contaminated food may be difficult, especially if you have a well-stocked pantry, as one overlooked breeding ground is all it takes for a moth population to survive. Sealing entry points and setting traps may help, but mice breed VERY fast, and an established family can often keep up with your efforts at elimination. For entrenched infestations and last-minute emergencies, let Witt Pest Management help rid your home of pantry pests and other unwanted intruders. We can give your entire home a thorough and professional inspection to ensure that all potential problems are discovered, and our technicians will offer reliable solutions tailored to your house's needs. Witt Pest Management knows the hard work that goes into this time of year, and we'll work hard to give you the gift of a pest-free holiday season.

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