termite damage to a pittsburgh home

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Every year termites create an estimated $5 billion dollars in damage for property owners in the United States. Termites are considered silent destroyers because they can create a large amount of damage to your home without being noticed. When subterranean termites infest your home, they are looking for food sources, the cellulose in wood. Termites feed on wood 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Once they have determined your house is a great feeding ground they will continue to grow their colony. Termites will devour wood from the inside out making them hard to notice and the damage even greater.

With termites being to so hard to spot you might be wondering; how do I identify termites in my own home before it is too late? In the spring when they are foraging for new food and shelter options, you might be able to notice the wings that the reproductive termite swarmers shed. You can normally spot these wings on window sills and door frames. Some other signs of termites are:

  • Drooping door frames and window sills

  • Buckling floors

  • Cracks in the wood throughout your home

  • Sagging ceilings

  • Sometimes you can spot small holes in wood where termites remove their waste

  • If there are swarming termites in your home, there is no doubt you have any infestation

With the known damages and destruction of termites, it is important to know how to get rid of termites. Your best option is to contact our Pittsburgh exterminators. Termite infestations are a serious threat and should be treated by a professional. The damage they can cause is immense if not treated quickly and effectively. Professional termite exterminators are highly trained and knowledgeable about the right termite treatments for you property. They will perform a termite inspection to determine home severe your termite infestation is and begin to establish a proper treatment plan for you.

There are a few precautionary measures to take around your property to try to stop termites from ever entering your home in the first place. Termites are attracted to wood and water around your home.

  • Start by making sure the wooden parts of your home do not come in direct contact with soil.

  • Try to avoid stacking wood piles or having wood debris like sawdust near your home.

  • Remove any rotten wood from your property.

  • Make sure your downspouts and gutters are properly removing water away from your home.

  • Try to lower the humidity amount in attics and crawl spaces.

These simple steps can help keep termites away from your property. Termites enjoy moist wood that is easy to snack on. Keeping this away from your home will keep termites away too. If you feel it is too late and termites have already started invading your property, give us a call to learn about options to get rid of termites in Pittsburgh and prevent them from returning.  Our Pittsburgh termite control specialists are ready to help!

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