bed bugs have been found recently in Pittsburgh hotels

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The American Hotel and Lodging Association reports that in 2011, over 4.8 million rooms were rented, bringing in 21.6 million dollars. Some people, however, got a bit more than they paid for and we highly suspect that these numbers will be similar, if not higher for 2014. Out of the many travelers and rented rooms, there were many who brought home a souvenir that they didn’t intentionally purchase in a gift shop. Bed bugs.

These cases of bed bug bites and traumatic experiences with bed bug infestations could have been avoided with a few simple precautionary steps and a hotel room inspection. It really is as simple as doing the following:

  • Inform your whole family about bed bug prevention and the importance of all the hotel room inspection steps.

  • Before booking the room, ask the hotel what they are doing to treat and prevent bed bugs.

  • Pack your clothing in plastic bags to prevent anything “hitching” a ride home with you.

  • Immediately upon entering your room, head to the bathroom and put all your luggage and belongings on that floor. Bed bugs don’t like these types of floors and are least likely to be in there. Or, keep your luggage outside of the room until your inspection is complete.

  • Inspect the bed and sleeping area, approx 10-15 foot radius. Include all surfaces, including picture frames, cracks and crevices in the wall or on the floor, in closets and all clothing storage areas, and all through any other furniture for the following signs of possible bed bugs including blood stains or black areas that look like black pepper or mold, actual bed bugs, and bed bug skins which are light brown in color and shed as bed bugs grow.

  • Keep all luggage up off the floor during your stay and do not leave clothing lying around. These can be great places for bed bugs to get packed to come home with you.

Bed bugs have been found in all of the different types and ranks of hotel. Having a fun, bed bug free stay in Pittsburgh or wherever you are traveling, can be as simple as following these few steps. For more information on bed bug heat treatments in Pittsburgh, give us a call at Witt Pest Management.


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