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If you’ve ever heard of bed bugs, you know how frustrating and impossible it can seem to get rid of them. Interestingly, these tiny reddish-brown insects thrive all year long—which means that even in the fall and winter you aren’t safe. As temperatures cool, these pesky critters continue to hitch rides on clothing, shoes, and bags in order to spread as far and wide as they can.

Now that it’s been established that bed bugs thrive in all seasons, take a second to remember just how small they are. Given that bed bugs are roughly the size of an apple seed, it’s not so unbelievable that they can hide in places a lot of bigger bugs can’t. In fact, bed bugs are so capable of hiding from their hosts, homeowners often aren’t aware that they have a problem in the first place. While other pests, such as ticks, are easier to spot due to their tendency to latch on to a host, bed bugs usually stay hidden and typically only bite at night. These insects have been known to hide within electrical outlets, behind wallpaper, under sheets, in couches, and beneath floorboards. Most homeowners only start realizing they have a problem when it’s too late.

Signs of Bed Bugs and Where to Look for Them

You don’t have to be one of those homeowners who are too late. If you have a careful eye and know what to look for, then you are ahead of the pack.

  • Bed bugs have a very sweet odor when a lot of them are congregating in an area. If you notice a sweet smell that you can’t blame on anything else in the room, you probably have bed bugs.
  • Bed bug fecal matter looks just about what you would assume from a bug that feeds on only blood. Be on the lookout for red or reddish-brown stains in areas where you frequently sit or sleep.
  • An obvious sign of bed bugs—but worthy enough to note—are the bed bugs themselves. Make sure you always check any hotel room you stay in thoroughly. While traveling, make sure to look around for bed bugs hitching a ride in the mode of transportation you are currently taking. Look in your bags and clothing for bed bugs and their small white eggs, making sure to inspect inside zippers, creases, pockets, and flaps.

If you see or suspect you have a bed bug infestation, calling a trusted professional is always the best thing you can do. Witt Pest Management has been protecting homes and families from pests like bed bugs since 1908, making us the oldest and most trusted pest control company in Pittsburgh. We offer a variety of different bed bug services, including our canine bed bug inspections and bed bug heat treatments. You can count on Witt to keep your home pest free—and you don’t have to wait! Give us a call to schedule our same-day services, and make your home a healthier, safer, and better place today.

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