a red mosquitoe biting the bare arm skin of a pittsburge resident

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If you are trying to tell if professional mosquito treatment is right for you, the first question you may ask yourself is if you plan to be outside this summer. For anyone who enjoys time out in their yard relaxing, gardening, picnicking, playing with the kids, or entertaining, you’ll likely want professional mosquito treatment. There’s no other method of mosquito control or product out there that will let you enjoy your yard more. DIY treatments are often costly, dangerous, and ineffective. 


How Professional Mosquito Treatment Works

At Witt Pest Management, we combine our mosquito and tick treatment together to reduce the presence of both pests. Our technicians will first inspect your property. They will identify areas where mosquitoes are likely to rest and lay their eggs. They will search for additional mosquito and tick activity on your property so they can target those areas. During mosquito season in Pittsburgh, which is generally April through October, regular misting treatments will be performed. The misting not only kills adult mosquitoes and ticks but disrupts the reproductive process to prevent further pests from maturing.


DIY Methods of Mosquito Control

Pittsburgh homeowners who take mosquito control into their own hands often find it to be like a full-time job!  You must be diligent in keeping your grass cut short and well-maintained. You should keep vegetation to a minimum and landscaping well-drained and pruned regularly. You must constantly check for areas of standing water, as mosquitoes can breed in a little as one inch of water. This means examining your gutters regularly for clogs, emptying children’s pools when not in use, dumping out birdbaths every few days, storing buckets and pails upside down, emptying excess water from flower pots, checking tire swings to be sure they aren’t holding water, making sure hoses and sprinkler systems aren’t leaking, and the list goes on and on. We’re exhausted thinking about it.

Spraying yourself and your family with chemical mosquito repellents every few hours is another solution that can be ineffective and unsafe. You can try natural repellants such as essential oils, but their effectiveness is unproven and costly.


Call Witt Pest Management for Mosquito Control  

Instead of spending every waking moment trying to make your Pittsburgh area yard mosquito free and enjoyable for your family, call Witt. Our trained professionals can often come out the same day you call us. We will begin our inspection and get started with your treatment right away. While no method will completely eradicate mosquitoes, our method is the most stress-free and effective way to enjoy the outdoors this summer.

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