an alert beagle trained and suited for a k 9 bed bug inspection in a pittsburgh pennsylvania home

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If you travel often, you've probably seen a canine TSA agent at the airport. These dogs are trained to detect explosives or ingredients that could be used to make a bomb. If you travel often, you’ve probably also heard of bed bugs, and may even have had experience with them already. But did you know that dogs can be trained to detect bed bugs as well as explosives? Canine inspections could be the next step toward more effective bed bug elimination. Here’s everything you need to know.


Issues in Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs are incredibly small pests. They burrow into mattresses, furniture, suitcases, clothing, or almost any fabric. They love dark, warm places, especially those with easy access to food. Bed bugs may live in your bed and bite you while you sleep. They can also be in your couch or your favorite armchair, and they can and will bite you—even during the day.


These insects are hard to treat on your own because they multiply fast. If you try to eliminate bed bugs and miss even a few, they will quickly breed until you have just as many as before you treated. No matter how hard you look for bed bugs, they can hide in the tiny cracks and crevices of your home. You’ll never be able to find every single one on your own, which means that although you may be able to prevent them, eliminating them all can be almost impossible.


Why Dogs Might Be the Solution

Because it can be so hard to see bed bugs, we at Witt Pest Management have turned to smell instead of sight. Our pest control dogs are trained to identify bed bugs by their scent. Dogs are already trained successfully as police dogs, explosive detection dogs, military dogs, search and rescue dogs, seeing-eye dogs, therapy dogs, and more. We teach them to identify and locate bed bugs.


Why Witt’s K-9 Inspection Works

By partnering with these trained canines, we can offer a more comprehensive bed bug treatment. Dogs may be part of the initial inspection to help us determine the scope of the problem before we begin treatment. Dogs may also be used after an initial treatment to help us determine the level of success.

At Witt Pest Management, we are dedicated to giving you a lasting outcome. Our dogs help us verify that we have eliminated every bed bug from your home. If the treatment was not successful, these highly trained canines will show us which areas of the house need further treatment. Our procedure is strict and requires preparation on your end, but it helps us offer a high success rate.


These pest control canines can discover bed bugs in areas we can't. If you have questions about our bed bug canines or treatment, give us a call today. We know bed bugs can be an endless problem, and we want to help you return to your routine, bite-free life. Our dogs help us do just that.


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