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Are bed bugs a problem in Pittsburgh? That is a really great question. We only need to look at the characteristics of these dreaded pests to answer the question. Bed bugs are elusive hitchhiking pests. They do not fly or jump, but rather hitch a ride on any unsuspecting person to a new location. The more visitors any given location has, the more risk that bed bugs have come along for the ride – especially if those visitors are from a place that is prone to these critters.

Estimates are that $5.6 billion was spent in Allegheny County by visitors in 2013; of that amount it is estimated that $677.2 million was spent for lodging alone according to That’s an awful lot of sleepy people carrying bundles to and fro. It only stands to reason that a percentage of those were carrying uninvited guests of the insect kind along.

This could be very disconcerting if it were not for the fact that we have Witt Pest Management right here in Pittsburgh handling those little bed bugs. For over 100 years and through 4 generations of family-owned and operated leadership, Witt has become a leader in the pest control industry. Our high standards and determination has helped us to become the most trusted name in pest control in Pittsburgh and throughout Allegheny County.

We use the latest technology and research development to combat bed bug infestations. This begins with K-9 units lovingly referred to as bed bug sniffing dogs. These guys are great at sniffing out the adults, nymphs, and eggs wherever they hide. Their noses can go where no man can and in record time saving you time and money. We also use safe, natural, non-toxic heat treatments to quickly and effectively eliminate all the stages of these bugs. And for those of you who prefer our standard service with FDA approved products that fight bed bugs combined with the use of box spring and mattress encasements – well, we’ve got that too.

Don’t let the hype about bed bugs worry you. Stay alert and be vigilant to look for these pests as you travel to and from work or across the globe. Whether by plane, train, bus, or taxi, you should check your seat (especially the seams) for black spots, casings, or the bugs themselves. Once you arrive at your destination, carefully search your room before bringing your luggage inside. Check the mattresses on all beds for black or brown spotting especially along the seams. Check the headboard for signs as well. Be sure to inspect electrical outlets. If you see black streaking it’s a pretty good indication that bed bugs are present. Also be sure you don’t use the dresser and that you keep your shoes out in the open rather than under the bed or in the closet. These few simple steps will greatly reduce your chances of bringing home this unwanted souvenir.

Once you return home, be sure to unpack your luggage in the garage or mud room and immediately wash all your clothing in the hottest setting possible considering the material type, of course. Use a flashlight to inspect your luggage. Pay particular attention to the seams. You are looking for casings, eggs, and the bugs themselves!

Of course these same precautions should be used every day when you work in a city that sees so many visitors. It is just as easy to pick these creatures up on your way to and from work or in your workplace as it is to bring them home from your vacation. If you find that bed bugs have indeed let you carry them home, don’t worry. Just give us a call and we will quickly and discreetly eliminate those pests for you.

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