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Snow. Beautiful snow. Isn't it a treat to watch it fluttering down, gently landing on fence and landscape? Isn't it wonderful to step outside and breathe the crisp, fresh air of winter? Cold is nice. But do you know what else is nice? Coming back in from the cold and snuggling beneath a warm, fluffy blanket, next to a crackling fire. That cold may be nice, but a warm cozy home is even nicer.

Mice think so too!

When the temperature drops, mice that are on your property or near your house will likely seek to find entry point into your nice warm home, and they will go to great lengths to do so. Some will find a tiny crack in your outside wall and scratch and chew at it until it is big enough to squeeze through. Some will work their way up downspouts and access your home from your vulnerable roofline. There are all sorts of ways they can get into your home. And, when they get in, they are likely to reproduce at an alarming rate.

Why you don't want mice in your home?

Mice are not only looking for warmth when they enter your home in winter, they are also looking for food and water. Because of this, they will not be content to just hang out in your wall voids and attic spaces. They will venture out at all hours of the night to find crumbs left under the toaster, juice spilled on the counter, and remnants inside the unwashed cereal bowl next to the sink. If nothing is left out, that won't stop them. The smells from stored food in cardboard and paper packaging will lure them in to gnaw and feed. When mice do this, not only do they disturb your food packages and leave food spilled out on shelves and counters, they can taint that food with diseases and harmful bacteria.

What to do about a mouse infestation.

If you're seeing, or hearing, evidence of mice in your home, such as scratching inside the walls, droppings in the backs of drawers, and chew holes in food packages, it is time to seek professional help. Mice are exceptionally hard to get rid of on your own. Traps and baits may have minimal success, but there is no guarantee that your mice problem is gone when baits are no longer being eaten. Mice can become trap shy. And, these are timid creatures that you aren't likely to hear unless they're bumping their way down through your wall on the way to find food.

When you have the professionals here at Witt take care of your rodent problem, you can curl up in your warm, fluffy blanket, next to the crackling fire, and look out at the beautiful snowy landscape with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your home is completely free of mice. And, that's nicer than nice. Give us a call today!

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