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It’s time to play ball! It’s time to go outside! It’s time to hit the pool! And it’s certainly time to fire up the grill!! Grilling is an American pastime and rite of passage into the summer. When you step outside and smell that unique grill smell, you just can’t wait to sink your teeth into the corn on the cob, burger, hot dog or steak!

Before you fire up your grill there are some things that you should address. First of all, who’s coming? Invite your family and friends to come over to play, visit and eat. The next thing on your list is to plan your menu. What to have with all that yummy grill food? Salads? Cold summer salads, potato salad, or pasta salad? So many to choose from. Maybe just keeping it simple with some chips, veggies and fruit will work, especially if you are stretched for time. Don’t forget to consider the age of everyone who may be attending. Include some kid-friendly options that will appeal to a little one’s palate.

There, now that’s done. Or is it? Let’s see, we decided on the invites and the food. What else is there? Don’t forget about the pests! You really don’t want everyone fighting off stinging insects, mosquitoes and other pests while they are supposed to be visiting and enjoying your barbeque. What to do? You can’t just string a big insect net over your whole back yard! You can, however, make your home and property less attractive to pests. After all, theirs is an RSVP that you want to get back with ‘regrets’ checked off.

There are a few things that you can do to help keep unwanted insects at bay. Here are some common and easy tasks in this battle:

  • Keep your grass trimmed. Insects like long cool grass to hide in.

  • Do not allow standing water of any type. Mosquitos lay their eggs in standing water.

  • Cover all garbage cans with tight locking lids and regularly remove it. Many insects are attracted to the decomposing food inside them.

  • Place wood piles and compost piles as far away from your house and yard as possible. Both of these are an attractant for insects.

  • Keep gutters and all watershed systems clear to move water and debris away from your home.

Above all, the best and most sure way that you can protect yourself, your family, and your property all year long is by partnering with a Pittsburgh pest control company. Here at Witt Pest Management, our TopCare Complete home pest control program guards against 40 common pests including ants and wasps. It also stops termites from damaging your home.

So to recap, pest-proof your property, contact Witt Pest Management and fire up your grill with confidence!

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