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As Autumn progresses homeowners will often find themselves battling insects trying to escape the cold by inviting themselves inside. One of the most common of these household pests in the Pittsburgh area is the earwig. With its sleek brown body, sinuous movements, and especially its large abdominal forceps, the earwig is one of the most hated of pests that we encounter around or inside our homes. Though they live in moist areas and hide in cracks and under various objects, they are also attracted to light, which means that homes with any light leaking through cracks in either walls or foundation could quikly become a target. Luckily tales of earwigs taking up residence in people's ears are pure fiction, but that still doesn't mean we want them hanging around.

Earwigs are tricky in their habits, but thankfully fairly straightforward to deal with if taken care of early. The main objective in preventing earwigs from infesting your house should be to remove places where they might live and lay eggs. Unnecessary mulch beds, debris piles, or decorations that provide nooks or dark areas should be removed, creating a "dry moat" if possible, a space unpleasant for earwigs to live, around your home. Another check is drainage, ensuring that gutters and downspouts are intact and that no water is collecting around your foundation. While these tips may limit the likelihood of infestation, these tips are in no way guaranteed to work.

Having an earwig or two in your home is probably not a big deal to most homeowners, keep in mind though that earwigs will sometimes congregate and procreate to such an extent that casual methods have little effect on the overall population. With their amazing capacity for survival and ability to hide almost anywhere inside or out, it often takes a more systematic and dedicated approach to remove an infestation. Witt Pest Management has been battling earwigs in the Pittsburgh area for over 100 years, and our year-round pest control plan will put all our expertise and experience at your service in a thorough and time-tested manner. After forming a prevention plan tailored to your property and pest problems, our pest control experts will provide regular treatments and if covered pests return between visits, so will we at no additional cost to you. Our goal is to provide total ongoing protection and to give you peace of mind that your house is safe from pests such as the infamous earwig.

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