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When the weather outside is frightful, your attic and wall voids are so delightful--to winter pests, that is. It is true that pests will invade your home year round, but the times when the weather is cold are the worst times of all. In nature, bugs and mammals burrow into the ground or hide in tree holes when frigid temperatures come, but if they happen to be near a nice warm house, they may choose that as their winter refuge instead.

If bugs, rodents, or wildlife get into your home, the smell of food might draw them down into your living areas, and this can not only be a hassle, it can be potentially dangerous as well, especially if harmful pests like cockroaches get in. If you don't already have pest control services in place, don't wait until spring to deal with pests. The winter months are the best time to eliminate nests, hives, and colonies since they are hunkered down for the winter. Get them now before they emerge and increase their populations in the spring.

To keep household pests out of your home, consider implementing the following tips.

  • Inspect the outside of your home for openings where pests can get in. Look for gaps or cracks in your roof, walls, and foundation. If you find any, seal them up tight.

  • Make sure all your gutters and downspouts are unblocked and channeling water well away from your home.

  • Trim bushes and trees back several feet from your home if possible. Bugs and animals use branches as bridges to reach your walls and roof.

  • Remove any standing water against or near your home. If you have crawl spaces lower than your foundation, water may be seeping in. Correct this issue by installing a French drain and pump on the inside, if necessary.

  • Make sure your foundation vents are operating properly for ventilation.

  • Store firewood well away from your home and make sure it is up off the ground.

  • Be certain that all your garbage containers have tight fitting lids or use bungee cords to secure them.

  • Inside your home, make sure all areas are clean and free of food particles. Pay close attention to often neglected areas such as the inside of toasters, under fridges, and between the stove and sides of the counter.

  • Do not leave pet food down. Consider putting your pets on a schedule, and pick food up between meals.

  • Make sure all food items are securely stored inside the refrigerator or inside sealed containers.

  • Contact a professional pest control company.

If pests manage to get in, despite your best efforts, they can stay active all winter long and emerge in spring stronger than ever. Take for instance termites, they destroy homes every minute of every day. Roaches get into your food, spreading illness and disease. Rodents and wildlife will keep you up all hours of the night bumping and scraping in your attic and wall voids. And, flying insects will just drive you crazy. Don't put up with pests in your home. Get help today, from Witt Pest Management.

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