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If you are thinking that you don’t go to hotels, so you don’t need to worry about bed bugs, you couldn’t be more wrong. While a decade ago, hotels and apartment complexes might have been the only places we ever heard of bed bug infestations, that’s not the case anymore. Bed bugs are prevalent in all states and are getting harder and harder to eradicate. Today we are looking at how to keep your Pittsburgh home protected from bed bugs in 2019.

There are some prevention steps you can take to keep bed bugs out:

  • If you travel, examine the room where you stay for signs of bed bugs before bringing in your belongings.
  • When returning home from travel, inspect all belongings, unpack in the garage, and wash what you can immediately in hot water. 
  • Hang purses, bags, and coats from hooks rather than placing them on the floor or chairs when going out and about.
  • Take a close look at school and library books before bringing them home; bed bugs can lay eggs in the creases.
  • Check your children's backpacks and coats each day when returning from school.
  • Treat your older children's belongings when they return from their dorm rooms.
  • Use coat hooks in mud rooms or the garage for coats and bags when friends or family come to visit.

During the holidays, you may have many people traveling in and out of your Pittsburgh home. This might mean family and friends visiting, college students returning home, or that you are traveling to visit friends and family. When all is said and done, the chance that you may have picked up bed bugs or someone may have brought them to your home is high. Due to the life cycle of bed bugs, you may be settling into a nice post-holiday routine well into your 2019 resolutions before you notice that you have a bed bug infestation.

If you’ve taken the precautions above and still suspect you have a bed bug problem, don’t hesitate to call us at Witt Pest Management. We have years of experience successfully treating bed bug problems. We can save you time, money, and headaches by tackling the problem immediately before it gets out of control.

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