norway rat found in the basement of a pittsburgh home

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You found it! The definitive guide on the Norway Rat. Well, maybe not definitive but everything you'll ever need to know about this filthy intruder. Why so harsh? Because Norway Rats are disease and bacteria spreaders, thieves, and vandals. If you have these in your home or business, you're in for some rough waters.

What do Norway rats look like?

These Brown rodents with their grey to white undersides are believed to be of Asian origin. They range in size from 7-9 ½ inches long and have the customary rat whiskers and rat tail.

What do Norway rats do in homes or businesses?

Being a rodent, Norway rats love to chew. They will chew through walls, insulation, and food storage boxes. They are also fond of chewing wires in wall voids and attic crawl spaces, which can be a nightmare to fix.

Norway rats spread illness from the bacteria they acquire in dumpsters, sewers, and places where rotting food is. The CDC also connects rodents to the spread of many diseases. If they are getting into your food, dishes, or silverware, sickness will result.

What are these Norway rats doing in my home or business?

Being nocturnal, Norway rats usually enter homes and businesses at night, through tiny gaps and cracks. Even with their large size, Norway rats can squeeze through a hole the size of a half dollar. And, if the hole isn't large enough, they gnaw on it till it is.

When winter comes and food sources become scarce outside, Norway rats will become more vigilant about being inside where it's warm. In nature, Norway rats live in fields or on farmland, but they much prefer human structures to burrowing in soil near riverbanks, in garbage, rotted logs, and under stumps.

How do I get rid of Norway rats?

Norway rats are drawn to rotting wood, so keep firewood piles, debris, and construction materials away from your exterior walls. Keep trash bags in sealed containers. Use a caulking gun to seal any rotted holes, gaps, or cracks, especially around outlets, fixtures, window frames, air conditioning units, pipes, and other spots where gaps can occur.

If you see signs of rat activity in your home or business, droppings, urine, gnaw marks, damaged goods, or chewed wiring, get a pest control company to safely remove them. They will help you seal up your walls, clean infected areas, and keep rats from infesting you in the future. This is not a creature you want to partially eradicate. Do it right the first time, and keep Norway rats out.

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