full grown bed bug infesting the cotton linens of a pennsylvania home

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Bed bugs may become a huge nuisance in Pittsburgh this summer. Learning prevention steps now can help prevent your home from becoming infested. But should you find yourself with a bed bug problem, there is no need to panic, Witt Pest Management can help you eliminate bed bugs in your Pittsburgh area home.

Factors That Can Attract Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not discriminate. They don’t care how clean or dirty your home is, whether you live in a mansion or a tiny studio apartment, or if you live in the country or the city. Bed bugs are seeking a blood meal, period. The only factors that attract them are in finding ways to hitch a ride home with you.

How Bed Bugs Get Inside in Summer

We often think of bed bugs as just being a problem if we are staying in a hotel. We take measures to check our suitcases to make sure we don’t bring bed bugs home. Unfortunately, bed bugs are also prevalent in other areas such as public transportation, dorm rooms, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, libraries, and anywhere else where people are. You may inadvertently carry them into your home in a school or library book, backpack, purse, clothing, shopping bag, or laundry item, among other things.

Prevention Steps to Minimize your Bed Bug Risk

Any time you are out in public, you should take precautionary steps to avoid bed bugs. Hang your coat on a hook rather than laying it on a bed or a chair. Hold your purse or bag on your lap or use a hook instead of placing it on a bench or the floor. Take a quick look at seats and benches to see if you spot signs of bed bugs. Examine suitcases, backpacks, and other belongings before bringing them into your home.

Why Prevention Matters

Bed bugs are a tough pest to get rid of. DIY methods of bed bug removal typically don’t work. Bed bugs reproduce in large numbers and infestations can get out of hand quickly. By taking prevention steps, as burdensome as they may seem, you can avoid weeks and even months of the inconvenience of dealing with bed bugs. You also protect your family from bed bugs itchy, unsightly bites.

Witt Pest Management in Pittsburgh is the Best

At Witt Pest Management, we have been in business for over 100 years and we understand the unique problems that bed bugs bring to Pittsburgh residents. We are up to date on the latest bed bug elimination techniques and we understand that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to bed bug problems. We have a variety of solutions in our arsenal should you find yourself with a bed bug problem. Contact us today to help eliminate bed bugs from your home, or for a bed bug inspection.

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