carpet beetle on a carpet

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Carpet beetles are very small insects that come in a variety of colors, from solid black or brown to a mottled combination of black, brown, yellow, orange, and/or white. Due to their size, they are often confused with bed bugs, but unlike bed bugs, carpet beetles can fly and the problems they cause are very different from bed bug problems. If you have carpet beetles in your home, you may discover them after noticing damaged items around your home.

The most common items damaged by carpet beetles in Pittsburgh homes include:


When outdoors, carpet beetles feed on dead insects. Once inside, they prefer whatever animal products they can find. Eggs are often laid in or near a kitchen pantry since the larvae enjoy feeding on pet food and grain-based items.


As their name indicates, carpet beetles can often be found in carpets, especially if the carpet is made of animal fiber, such as wool. They will chew small holes in the carpet, most often on the underside, and while damage may not immediately be noticeable, eventually they can do a lot of damage.


Clothing made of animal fibers, like wool or silk, are favorites of carpet beetles. However, they’ll also do damage to clothing made with synthetic fibers if they are stained with food, sweat, or oils. The same goes for towels, sheets, and other bedding.

Upholstered Furniture

Carpet beetles can do a number on your upholstered furniture, items such as couches and recliners.

How to Know if the Damage is Caused By Carpet Beetles

Some moths also damage items in your home, so you may wonder how to tell the difference. Carpet beetle damage sometimes results in small holes in your belongings, but they’ll sometimes simply eat away at the top of an item, leaving a bare spot, but not a hole. The biggest indication that you have carpet beetles is the shed larval skin near the damaged items. It’s carpet beetles in the larval stage that do the damage, so finding those skins is a clear indication that you have carpet beetles and not moths.

What to Do About a Carpet Beetle Infestation

If you discover damage to your belongings (or shed skins) and suspect you have a carpet beetle problem, give Witt Pest Management a call. Carpet beetles tend to hide well and they can go long periods of time without eating, so it pays to hire a trained professional to take care of them instead of guessing whether your DIY pest control methods were actually effective. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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