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Unless you are someone who purchased rats from a pet store, we're going to go out on a limb and assume you don't want rats living in your home. While those pet rats are compulsive groomers, and considered clean pets, that over-grooming works against them when they have to forage in dirty dumpsters and trash heaps for a meal. So, having rats in your home will most likely mean more illness for you and your family this holiday season. In this article we're going to talk about one rat in particular that often finds its way into Pittsburgh homes. It is called the Norway rat.

Rattus norvegicus, also known worldwide as a sewer rat, brown rat, or Norway rat, is a common invader here in Pittsburgh. This is a critter that will normally establish itself in burrows underneath construction materials and items that sit in our yards for long periods of time. From these burrows, the Norway rat will venture out in search of food to bring back to its den. But, they don't travel far. A typical Norway rat will stay within 60 feet of its burrow. So, it is common to find these burrows near a plentiful food or water source. Removing food and water sources is one of the first measures that should be taken to control these animals.

When temperatures start to drop, Norway rats may look to man-made structures to protect themselves and their young from the bitter cold. That is why it is vital to make sure your property is as unattractive to these rats as possible, and your outer walls are as fortified as you're able to make them.

Here are a few ways Witt Pest Management works to protect homes and businesses from Norway rat invasion:

  • Our team uses modern integrated pest management methods to reduce attractants that draw these critters in. Through the control of food, water, and harborage, rodent activity can be significantly reduced.

  • All Norway rat burrows are located and neutralized.

  • Our team uses baiting and trapping to not only reduce rodent populations but also to track rodent pressures.

  • Vulnerable areas are fortified and exclusions are applied where they are needed.

Controlling Norway rats requires an education in the habits and habitats of these foraging animals. These rats have been dwelling near humans since the dawn of time, and they have learned a few things about how to do it in a way that ensures their survival. To learn more about Norway rats in Pittsburgh click here

At Witt, we've been controlling pests for a really long time--maybe not since the dawn of time, but over 100 years is a long time. And in that time we've learned how to properly control pest animals. When you need complete control of Norway rats, you can trust the Pittsburgh pest control experts here at Witt. Contact us today!

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