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Thanksgiving time is a wonderful time of year where family and friends come together to celebrate all that we are thankful for. Some people are thankful for health and happiness in their lives. Others are thankful that they were able to get a new job. Some are happy that they finally found that special someone to share their life with. Yet, it is a rare occasion that anyone is ever thankful for mice in their home.

Why would anyone be thankful for scratching, scampering, chewing noises behind the wall of their bed, keeping them awake at night? Who would be thankful flicking on the kitchen light and seeing a greasy little rodent scooting along the baseboard and disappearing through a chewed hole in the wall? And who in their right mind would be thankful when they pull a spoon out of the drawer to find mouse poop in it? Yes, we think it is safe to say that no one is thankful for what mice bring into a home.

3 Reasons To Not Be Thankful For Mice

  1. Mice chew things. If mice have invaded your space, they are going to be chewing on everything. As rodents, with ever-growing incisors, they need to chew in order to constantly wear those teeth down. Mice chew on wood, sheetrock, plastic, stored items, wiring, and more.

  2. Mice can be vectors of disease. Be aware that cleaning up areas where there are mouse droppings can be damaging to health, as disease-causing particles can take to the air and be breathed in. Some diseases associated with a mouse infestation include hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and plague.

  3. Mice carry parasites. One mouse can carry up to 100 ticks. And ticks are known to transmit Lyme disease. Other parasites mice can be infested with are mites and fleas.

3 Mouse Prevention tips

  1. Declutter your property. Mice love to hide underneath construction materials, wood piles, and other lawn clutter. If you remove the clutter or at least keep it well away from your home, this will lower the chances of mice coming in close to your home.

  2. Trim back all vegetation from your foundation and walls. This will reduce hiding places for mice, and remove any bridges they may use to get to your walls or roof area.

  3. Seal up the outside of your home. Carefully inspect your foundation and walls for holes, gaps or cracks and seal them using liquid cement or a caulking gun. And, check screens and door sweeps to make sure everything is in good working order.

If you are noticing the evidence of mice in your home, and you are in our service area, reach out to us today. With over 100 years of experience and trusted by 3,000+ homeowners in the Pittsburgh area, we can take care of those mice for you. No problem. Call us today with questions or to set up service, so you can be thankful this Thanksgiving season, for being mouse-free.

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