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Let's say you are the type of person who takes food right out of all of your neighbor's refrigerators--hypothetically, of course. Now, every day you go out to get dinner, and let's say you grab some leftover steak from Becky's, some frozen broccoli from Ted’s, and some pineapple from Meghan's. You have everything you need for a well-balanced meal. After your meal, you figure a little dessert would be nice, but when you look for dessert at Paul’s, you find his refrigerator empty. Not only is it empty today but it's empty every day. What will the result be if this keeps happening? Are you going to keep paying Paul's refrigerator a visit? Of course not. You see, overwintering pests are the same way. They hibernate during the winter and emerge in spring in search of food. These pests will fly freely to Ted’s and Becky's in search of anything to snag for lunch or dinner. So how do you keep them from checking out your place? Simple. Keep your house clean and your food put away properly.

When cleaning make sure you clean thoroughly--as even a spot of jelly or a crumb of cracker can attract bugs to your home. Make sure to package all of your foods in airtight plastic containers. Don't leave food lying out on counter tops. Fruit baskets and bread bowls, though pretty, can lure pests into your home. When feeding pets, don’t leave food in their bowl for more than an hour. Leaving pet food out will attract ants to your home.

Keep Them Out

These springtime pests look for any crack, crevice, or hole to climb into your home. Check your foundation and siding for any holes. Have these holes fixed as soon as possible. Many bugs will fly right in through open doors or windows. Screens can be a huge help in keeping bugs out. Check for any spaces around doors and windows, anywhere bugs can freely enter your home. Use a caulking gun for small cracks and holes, anything larger should be fixed by a handyman. Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home and 5 inches above the ground. Many pests, such as termites, will use the dried wood as a temporary home, before moving into your home.

Many bugs will fly through your home to look for a snack. Keeping your house clean, sealed, and food free will keep bugs from sticking around. Call a pest professional and have them do a full inspection of your home. Have them use the most recent advances in pest control technology to rid your home of pests, and prevent future pests. Call today, you won't be sorry.

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