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If you think that the title of this article has an improper usage of the word "in" in it, you would be correct. But, before you get out your red pen, give us a chance to explain.

There are lots of bugs that live "on" campus. And, these bugs are content to stay "on" campus. The inside of campus buildings do not provide an ecosystem suitable for these bugs. But, when temperatures drop, they can become accidental invaders. That is why we chose to use the word "in." While not grammatically correct, this title does a better job of describing the state of bugs on campus, especially the closer winter gets.

Are you noticing lady bugs crawling on your white boards? Are you seeing stink bugs perched on light fixtures? Is the frequent appearance of wasps making you nervous? These are all signs of the fall invasion. None of these bugs prefer to be inside.

There are some bugs and wild animals that don't mind being inside. When cold temperatures drive them in, they have no motivation to leave when temperatures warm up. Cockroaches, mice, carpenter ants and spiders are just some of the overwintering pests that can actually live more comfortably inside man-made structures than in the ecosystem around them.

How Do You Keep Overwintering Pests Out?

  • Since overwintering pests primarily enter structures in search of a place to hide from the cold, proper sanitation will not keep these creatures out. But an effective sanitation program will work to reduce overwintering creatures that feed on human foods and rotting organic matter. And, since these are the overwintering pests that enter and stay, sanitation is an important part of an effective pest management program.

  • Screens are the first line of defense against overwintering pests. All screens should be inspected for holes or damage, and be replaced or repaired if needed. It is also important to apply screens to openings or entry points that bugs or animals could exploit.

  • Bugs and wildlife chew on wood and create holes. These should be filled in if they cannot be properly repaired.

Overwintering Pest Control

If you're seeing stink bugs, ladybugs and boxelder bugs in your classroom or lecture hall, a vacuum cleaner can go a long way in helping you keep your sanity. But complete and effective control of overwintering pests requires the help of an educated professional.

Don't let overwintering pests "bug" you. Reach out to Witt Pest Management. We'll outline a custom pest management program to target the bugs and animals that are getting "in" the buildings on your campus. We may not always be grammatically correct. But, when it comes to pest control, you can trust the experts here at Witt.

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