pittsburgh pavement ant on stick

Don't be fooled by their name; these small ants can be seen foraging around your kitchen right here in Pittsburgh!

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There’s black ants, red ants, small ants, and large ants, right? We know that some bite and sting and others don’t harm us. Although it may seem that simple, there are actually thousands of different ant species, which can make things pretty confusing when it comes to the ant problems at your residence. One of the most common species of ants likely found to be foraging for food around homes in Pittsburgh is the pavement ant.

Pavement ants get their name because they form their colonies in or under the cracks in pavement. But don’t be fooled, just because their homes are outside does not mean that’s where they will stay. In fact, you are very likely to find these type of ants in the kitchen foraging for just about any grub they can get a hold of. Sometimes they will even form nests in the walls, insulation or under floors inside of your home.

Thankfully pavement ants do not pose any health risks to humans and are more of a nuisance, especially when they return with all their friends. Although they are harmless to health and property, an ant problems should be addressed in order to prevent an entire colony from taking up residence.   

In the springtime it is not uncommon to witness winged ants swarming if a colony has been established inside your home or nearby. These are the reproductive members of the colony attempting to mate and form a new colony, and although they are not a threat, it is quite alarming when it takes place inside your home. Flying ants could very well disrupt your warm, spring day

The best thing to do when you have spotted an ant problem in your Pittsburgh home is to call in the pros at Witt Pest Management. Our team of trained technicians will be able to identify the source of the ant colony and remove it once and for all. Do-it-yourself ant treatments are never a good idea because they will only scatter ants making it harder to locate the colony. Say so long to pavement ants with Witt’s trusted home pest services.

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