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Nobody really likes bugs, insects, or other household pests. They come in all shapes, colors, and sizes. Some bugs pose great potential dangers to the structure of a building. Others threaten people with the possibility of spreading various strains of viruses, bacteria, and diseases. Still others are simply nuisance pests that pose no real threat or danger.

Some pests are more prevalent in the spring and early summer while others begin invading homes during the fall and early winter. Then there are those pests that stay outdoors but wreak havoc with the lawn. Still others make outside activities miserable. Overall, pests can become overwhelming to the homeowner that is facing the daunting task protecting your family and property.

Properly identifying each pest is of vital importance to effectively control their invasion. Part of the pest control process is selecting the right treatment. However, all pests are looking for the same things; food, water, and shelter. This means that, in addition to pest eradication and removal, other steps of pest management must include the implementation of preventive care tips.

Much of the motivation for pest-free homes is to ensure the health of people and pets while not compromising the structure of the home. Maintaining a healthy home, safe environment, and protecting the structure of the home is the goal of every homeowner. The only question is how does one accomplish such a lofty goal?

The good news is that Witt Pest Management has been providing these services to Pittsburgh area residents for more than 100 years. The objective of our dedicated team is to protect people and property. We have maintained our status of being the oldest and most advanced pest control company throughout Pittsburgh with cutting edge techniques and proactive, holistic approaches to correcting pest problems.

Witt Pest Management understands the complexity of maintaining a pest-free home and has put together a home pest control and termite control plan called TopCare Complete. This affordable plan is the ultimate package. It includes all the benefits of TopCare as well as a comprehensive termite control plan. TopCare Complete provides protection from more than 40 household insects and rodents. This plan also includes protection against the most costly and damaging insect to invade one’s property…the termite.

Sometimes, as in the case of termites, an active infestation occurs without the homeowner’s knowledge. With TopCare Complete, you will receive a thorough inspection of your home. During that initial service, Witt technicians will provide treatment for any current pest activity they should find. They will also be on the lookout for locations in which pests have access into your home and will seal any small gaps or openings. But TopCare Complete doesn’t end there. Your Witt technician will treat all accessible areas of the exterior of your home and property. Begin protecting your property today by simply contacting Witt Pest Management and let us give you a more complete and detailed explanation of TopCare Complete.

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