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Spring is just around the corner, and you believe you are ready for it. You’ve gotten all the necessary spring cleaning tools ready, you’re motivated, and warm weather brings you a sense of joy and accomplishment. However, if you haven’t prepared for the pests that will be popping up again this spring, you may still have a few things you need to get done before you can say you’re truly prepared for the season.

Knowing how to keep all the spring pests out, such as termites - ants, stinging insects, cockroaches, and mosquitoes - can be helpful when it comes to keeping yourself and your home protected from the problems spring pests can bring to your life. Don’t wait for these pests to arrive. Take preventative measures now before they arrive, and make sure they stay out.

Preventing Pests This Spring

Before spring reaches full bloom and all the insects come back into your home and property, understanding which steps you can take to ensure they stay away can be extremely beneficial.

Here are some general spring pest prevention tips you can use this year:

  • Inspect your foundation and all your exterior walls for cracks, gaps, and crevices that pests could use to get inside. Seal these areas with a caulking gun.
  • If you have any torn door or window screens, be sure to repair them, or replace them with new ones. Holes in torn window screens make easy entry points for pests to gain access to your home.
  • Make sure you clean both the interior and exterior of your home. Food and drink spills should be cleaned up immediately, and open soda cans or food containers should never be left outside. Pet food should not be left out overnight, indoors or outdoors.
  • Keep all your food sealed in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.
  • Trim brush and trees away from the exterior of your home.
  • Never leave standing water on your property.

Get Professional Help

Professional pest protection is always your best option when it comes to spring pest management. Contacting the pest professionals here at Witt Pest Management is the best thing you can do to ensure your property stays protected this year. With the use of environmentally-responsible treatment options, Witt makes sure that the environment and your home are receiving protection at the same time. Keep spring pests away from your home this year with help from Witt Pest Management. Contact us for more information about how we can help.

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