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With the arrival of warm weather also comes the arrival of insects and other pests, one pest that can be particularly dangerous to have crawling near or throughout your Pittsburgh home is the carpenter ant. As their name suggests, this species of ant will take it upon themselves to do some unwelcome remodeling around your home that will lead to structural damage and costly repairs. Since these pests pose a real threat to homes, the experts at Witt would like to provide you with some information about carpenter ants that you may find useful! We also want to help you prevent them from choosing both your indoor or outdoor properties to nest in and forage through.

Carpenter ants are a large species of ant that range in size from ¼ of an inch (worker) to ¾ of an inch (queen). Carpenter ants are social insects that work together in large colonies; they generally nest outside in dead wood, tree stumps, or in the trunks of trees. Ant colonies are likely to have more than one nesting area and if proper precautions are not taken one of those nesting areas could be within your home or in outdoor structures like sheds, decks and porches.

While they prefer to tunnel through wet or damaged wood once they gain access to your home they will attack your home’s “healthy” wood as well. Carpenter ants, unlike termites, do not use wood as their source of food but rather as a place to nest. Carpenter ants will then move throughout the other areas of your home searching for food and water sources.

Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips

Now that you know a bit more about carpenter ants, we would like to help you prevent them from choosing your home and property to nest in and forage in. The Pittsburgh exterminators at Witt have some easy carpenter ant prevention tips to help keep these pests from burdening you this spring.

  • Remove decaying or dead trees, stumps and other debris from your yard.

  • Make sure to treat or stain wood on porches, decks and swing sets to help prevent them from becoming water damaged.

  • Make sure that your gutters are working properly and drawing moisture away from your home.

  • Trim back trees and bushes from the exterior of your home. Ants will use tree branches to gain easy access to your home.

  • Seal cracks and crevices found in your home’s’ foundation, siding and around exterior windows and doors.

  • If there is any wet or damaged wood found inside or outside the home, be sure to replace it with new wood.

  • Do not leave food out on your counters for long periods of time. Immediately clean up spills and crumbs.

  • Fix leaky pipes and fixtures found inside and outside of your home.

If you see carpenter ants crawling around your home or property, you should immediately seek help from a professional! The sooner you begin treatment for carpenter ants the better. Click here to learn more about carpenter ant control in Pittsburgh, contact the pros at Witt. We will be able take care of your carpenter ant infestation successfully and help prevent future problems with ants from occurring!

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