spring cleaning helps prevent pest in pittsburgh

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Finally, after a long winter, spring is here and it is time to start opening the windows, cleaning out the closets and sprucing up the yard! Spring cleaning can make your home and property feel fresh and new again after a long winter. Since you will soon be in the process of spring cleaning why not add in some things that will not only help clean up your home and property but also help prevent pest infestations? Just like we become more active in the spring so do pests like termites, carpenter ants, stinging insects, and flies.Taking the time now to fix and clean problem areas in and around your home will help keep pests out this spring and summer season. The experts at Witt Pest Control want to offer you some spring cleaning tips for your Pittsburgh property that will help to deter and prevent pests.

  • Clean and inspect your gutters. Clogs in your gutters can cause rainwater to not drain properly away from your home. Areas of moisture attract pests such as ants and termites.

  • Rake up piles of leaves, trees and other organic debris that may have collected over the winter months. Lots of different types of pests, including termites, like to hide in and feed off of those items.

  • Create a barrier of small rocks between your grass or mulch and your homes’ foundation.

  • Make sure that outdoor trash cans have been thoroughly cleaned out and that they are kept in an area that is away from the exterior of your home.

  • Check your homes’ foundation and make sure that any cracks and crevices no matter how small are sealed. Check your homes’ exterior windows and doors for gaps around them and use caulk to fix those areas.

  • When spring cleaning your kitchen make sure to clean behind large appliances like stoves, and refrigerators.

  • Go through your pantry and rotate your dry goods. Removing any products that are expired.

  • While cleaning and organizing, if you notice any leaky pipes or fixtures, repair them as soon as possible. Even a very small drip can serve as a water source for pests.

  • Clean up and organize storage areas like basements, attics and closets. The less “stuff”you have the fewer hiding spots and nesting areas pests will have.

Controlling pests in and around your home can be a difficult task! Let’s face it, pests are everywhere and they are in survival mode all the time. They will stop at almost nothing for food, shelter, and water, with the exception of Witt! Our Pittsburgh exterminators can service your home with year round pest control that will not only put a stop to pests but will help to keep your home pest free! You have enough on your to do list this spring, give the professionals at Witt a call today for more information on our pest control services!

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