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Not only is the above heading hard to say, it is entirely true. It is spring in Pittsburgh and that means paper wasps are starting to make themselves known. This is the time when these little stingers start plaguing balcony areas, storage sheds, patios, and decks. If you're having persistent problems with Pittsburgh's potentially painful pest, you are in luck. We have some info that just may save you from a sting or two.

Tip #1: Kids are a great early warning system for wasps.

You probably already know that when you see a small, grey paper structure that looks like it has honeycomb caverns in it, you're looking at a starter nest for paper wasps. These can appear almost anywhere, but you're most likely to find them on soffits, near balcony railings, and under roof peaks and overhangs. You probably also know that when you do, you need to take a broom and knock it down. This prevents the tiny structure from turning into something large and unpleasant. But what you may not know is that it is important to teach your kids to recognize these nests. Not only so they can stay away from them, but also so they can let you know when they start to appear. Kids spend a lot more time running around your property than you do. Why not use them as an early warning system for these painful pests.

Tip #2: Wasps aren't only attracted to flowers.

You may have been told, or were lead to believe, that wasps feed on the nectar from flowers. While this is certainly true, wasps are actually predatory insects. They kill and eat insects and arachnids. That is why one of the most important things you can do to reduce wasps around your home is to reduce other bug populations. Keeping things dry, reducing plants and flowers, and keeping lights off at night will reduce flying insects around your home and the spiders that eat them. With fewer flies and spiders, you'll have fewer wasps hanging around.

Tip #3: Flowers aren't the only sweet things that will attract wasps.

Since wasps can be drawn to flowers for their nectar, it is a good idea not to have anything sweet smelling outside your home. Don't leave sweet drinks or empty cups that had something sweet in them on your patio or deck. These will draw paper wasps in.

When you're ready to be pest-free give Witt Pest Management a call. We don't just knock down paper wasp nests. Our technicians know how to control pest populations all the way up the food chain. That means your family won't just be safe from painful paper wasp stings, you'll also be safe from all of the other harmful issues that can arise from having bugs in and around your home.

Stop illness, painful bites, and property damage with Witt Pest Management. Life is better without bugs.

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