lady bug in a pittsburgh back yard

Lady bugs are common fall pests that invade Pittsburgh homes; follow these tips to keep them out!

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Well, daylight saving time is going to end soon which means it’s time to recall which way to turn the clocks. Along with the time change, property owners/managers in Pittsburgh can also expect to see overwintering pests making their way indoors. Stink bugs, lady bugs, and box elder bugs are just a few of the nuisance insects (meaning they are not necessarily a threat to health or structures) likely to be looking for shelter from the coming cold weather but thankfully through some preventative measures and your preventative pest control services, you will not be as affected by this “fall back”.

Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Not only will you save yourself a lot of time later but you will be saving yourself from the stress of pest infestations if you take some time now to pest-proof your home. Eliminate all of the things that pests are after - food, water, and warm shelter through the winter. From the Pittsburgh pest control experts, here are some tips on how to pest proof your home this fall:

  1. Inspect the outside of the home including doors, windows, and the foundation for any small cracks or holes that bugs or other pests could use as a way to gain entry into the home. Seal off any openings with caulking or mesh screens.

  2. Be sure that any open windows or doors contain well secured screens. And inspect the screens over for and replace any that are torn.

  3. Take the trash out regularly and keep the kitchen clear of any crumbs or spills which could attract more serious pest problems such as mice and rats.

  4. Continue your regular pest control services to treat for any pest problems and to prevent future problems.

As a longtime Pittsburgh pest control company, we understand how pests work and encourage you to add pest prevention part of your clock changing routine along with changing batteries in smoke alarms. And while pest-proofing can be extremely effective in preventing pests, it is not an exact science. So if you are experiencing an infestation or simply want to find out how our home pest control services in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas can protect your home all year long, please contact us today!  

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