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Rats are a pest that no one wants to have to deal with. They're dirty and can carry dangerous parasites, to say nothing of the many other problems they bring to a Pittsburgh property. Learning how you can prevent rat populations and defend against a wide range of pest problems is important. 

Rats: An Overview

Of the two most common invasive rodents around, rats are the largest. Unlike mice, they can frequently grow several inches in length, and particularly large varieties can grow up to a foot long. Despite how big they can get, rats manage to squeeze into the tough-to-reach areas of a property, hunkering down inside of walls and surviving in the voids of a structure. It's this ability to infiltrate our properties and thrive off our waste and stored foods that make rats such a common pest in modern America. They specifically look for new homes and businesses to infest, opting for fresh food and shelter sources where they won't have to compete with other rodents. 

The Problems They Bring Inside

Rats aren't just creepy to look at; they can be downright dangerous to your health and property. Here are some of the problems they can contribute to: 
  • Damage: Rats, like all rodents, have front teeth that never stop growing. They must file them down by constantly biting on hard items and surfaces, leading to damaged property. 
  • Disease: Rats can be carriers of dangerous diseases like rabies that they can transmit through their bites or other physical interaction. However, even if you never come into contact with a rat, their presence can still make you sick. 
  • Odor: Rats leave their smelly feces and urine everywhere, creating foul odors that aren't easy to address when they're coming from inside your walls or vents.

Rat Prevention For Your Home

Rather than have to deal with those problems after the fact, it's important to take early steps to keep rats and other pests off your property in the first place. Here are ways you can accomplish this, though keep in mind that only professional solutions are guaranteed to keep rodents out: 
Food storage: Rodents forage for food scraps, making any traces left behind a big attractant for rat activity. Deep clean often, and keep food stored in containers that can't easily be punctured. 
  • Trash storage: It's also important to keep trash stored in secure locations and bins. Rats can survive on the food we throw away, too. 
  • Crack sealing: It may not seem like it, but even small cracks or holes in your exterior can give rats a way in. They will dig and claw at faults until they've opened up a way inside. Frequently inspect and maintain your exterior walls. 
  • Treatments: Only partnering with pest professionals can truly protect you from a future infestation. Learn how your local experts can help by calling today.

Stay Safe With Witt Pest Management

Even those who keep their property clean and well-maintained can find themselves with a rat infestation. Rather than be caught by surprise, trust your local pest experts to keep your property protected from rats. At Witt Pest Management, we can give you even more advice on how to keep rodents away, providing assistance on proven measures that will keep them out of your property entirely. If rats have already moved in, you need to act quickly to eliminate them before they create bigger problems. Only professionals can safely and effectively rid properties of rats. 
Don't let them root around your house and expose you to damage or disease; for proper rat control, contact Witt Pest Management.

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