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Bed bugs have become a problem all across the country; and, unfortunately, they do not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Pittsburgh is no exception to the bed bug invasion that is currently happening. The best way to protect yourself, your family, and your home from these parasitic, blood sucking pests it to be proactive and to get help for an infestation as quickly as possible. While bed bugs are a difficult pest to control and treat they are no match for Pittsburgh’s premiere bed bug exterminators!

Adult bed bugs are small but can be seen by the human eye. They grow to be about ¼ of an inch in length. Adult bed bugs have a flat oval shape and are reddish brown. Many people have described them as an “apple seed” with legs. The immature bed bugs or nymphs are much smaller and are much more difficult to see. Just after hatching, they are about the size of a pinhead and are white or tan. Their eggs are also white, very small, and are almost impossible to see with the naked eye.

If bed bugs have hitchhiked (they can’t fly or jump) their way into your home, you should call the bed bug exterminators from Witt as quickly as possible. The first step in the bed bug elimination process is to have your home professionally inspected by one of our trained experts. A Witt bed bug expert will come into your home and perform a visual inspection looking for bed bugs and their signs. If after a visual inspection no bed bugs are found, but an infestation is still suspected we can install a Verifi® unit. We will leave this unit activated for a week and then return to see if bed bug activity has been detected.

Along with our human inspectors, we also can inspect your home for bed bugs using one of our specially trained K9 bed bug detectives. Our dogs are highly trained at sniffing out bed bugs, their nymphs, and their eggs. The benefits of having a K9 inspection is that they are accurate, fast, and can get into small spaces and through clutter with their nose. K9 bed bug detectives are often able to identify bed bugs by smell that even the most highly trained human eye may miss. However, you can be sure that whichever way your home is inspected, if bed bugs are present in your Pittsburgh home, we will be able to find them!

If bed bugs have been positively identified in your home, the bed bug exterminators at Witt will begin treatment as quickly as possible! We treat and eliminated bed bugs with heat. Heat is a 100% effective at getting rid of all the life-stages of bed bugs, does not use chemicals, is environmentally friendly, and is non-invasive. The heat will be gradually introduced into your home through the use of safe, specialized electric heaters. The temperature will slowly increase until it reaches a specific level. We will monitor that temperature and will maintain it for a time as we circulate the heat evenly throughout your home. The heat will penetrate walls, floors, furniture, bedding, mattresses, box springs, and all other areas and items and eliminate those bed bugs. Once treatment is over, you will be able to very quickly re-enter your home and get back to your daily routine. We will then provide free follow-up visits for 4-6 weeks to ensure that all bed bugs have been eliminated. Our bed bug exterminators also recommend placing bed bug proof covers on all mattresses and box springs for added protection against bed bugs.

If you suspect bed bugs in your home or just would like an inspection for your own peace of mind, contact Witt Pest Management today! Let our bed bug exterminators give you the peace of mind to know that your Pittsburgh home is a bed bug free home!


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